Eyy female ally here

You can call me Sammy. John Reed invited me into here. Im not a femcell but im trying to educate myself more on whats going on in these communities so I dont only have the outside perspective from people who dont actually investigate. People whos opinions tends to skew way more towards all incels being openly hostile to women. I try to apply principle of charity in everything I can so here I am.

Im a bisexual girl but I prefer girls generally. Im all up for a convo anytime. Dont worry about coming off as creepy cuz I really dont mind. Socializations hard. I may be shitty with replies but it wouldnt be out of malice.

I have really bad BDD despite people saying im attractive so I there are times when my thoughts about myself are very similar to alot of thoughts you guys/girls all have about yourselves. Im 5’10 and 125lbs but I cant help but see myself as fat, fat headed, ugly, stupid and all that. I know its likely untrue on an intellectual level but emotionally im just convinced im all these things. I also have an extreme irrational fear of kidnappings and getting sex trafficked and it keeps me inside on most days.

Knowing that, its probably no surprise that I try as hard as I can to avoid content thats especially hostile towards women. Im all for restoration over retribution. Construction over destruction. Rehumanization over dehumanization. So while I try to understand where people are coming from, I cannot agree with divisive anti-female/anti-male crap that puts the sins of some other people onto others of the same gender. Everyones an individual and is responsible for themselves and only themselves.

That all being said, Im glad to be here and to see where it goes :slight_smile:


Glad to have you

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yay, welcome, Sammy. glad you decided to join.

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Omg Clem


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:astonished: a fellow tenno perhaps?

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i can already see a white knight loser in here

Oi be nice

@clem Its been a while haha. I burnt myself out getting Vauban Prime back when Nitain only came 4 times a day during alerts

I literally wrote it in the post

Welcome and good luck with the people in here :slight_smile:

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oh yeah, nitain is now a redeemable item in the new (free) season pass system (which is a rework of the alert system).
I could talk about warframe for hours, don’t want to hijack this thread though.

What makes you think I read it

Bisexual? Chad or prefer other girls, 2019 it checks out

I mean if you wanna come to conclusions about people prematurely then sure. Otherwise im into bear/viking-esque men sexually but honestly it matters more that im friends with the person first before exploring deeper feelings. A sexy 6 pac, 8 inch rod and chiseled jaw has nothing on a kind hearted stoner hippie dude I can relate to, isnt a pushover, can hold a philosophical conversation without getting triggered over disagreement. Best leave your biases at the door

Lol idk what your deal is but whatever youre going through to make you this way, i hope things get better. Keep on keeping on, friend :+1:

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Lol honestly no point fighting in here. The internet is a cruel place friend. They will just attack ye senselessly and illogically

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Oh i understand. Im in a meme group with people like that. I just give people principle of charity but dont take obvious bait. I dont care to let them get under my skin anymore. I could tell from his first comment that Joey was gonna be an instigator and an undesirable so any dealings with him will be with a 10 ft stick.

Thanks for confirming what I assumed

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: you act like you’d only be attracted to a ‘Becky’.
people like what they like, man :wink:

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No problem? I kinda went on longer diatribe about how them being a good open person helps alot but ig that doesnt matter. I dont care about some bs hierarchy of men when i catch feels for someone whos already my friend. Im not gonna pick a rich Olympian lumberjack whoever tf over someone ive known for a while and know them to be genuinely good. Ive got porn and the realm of imagination if I want to fantasize about taking a thick dick from a 7ft herculean viking man