Experiences with Makeup? Beginner Tips?

I thought I was the only one, but someone else posted about having trouble with makeup so I was wondering what the other femcels experiences were and if improving makeup made a difference.

Also, do you know where there’s good advice for beginners? Everyone in tutorials seems to assume you already know a lot of stuff and have a bunch of products.

Here are some examples of before and after (and YES, some have TOO MUCH makeup, but it does make a difference)

Tell me more about your road to femcel I am curious to hear it.

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic…

anyway, I have no real experience with make-up, but before and after photos may not be the best way to learn.
I’d think of learning make-up like learning to draw, you’ll get way more from watching the process than you would from just seeing the final art piece.

having said that, a quick youtube search for “Makeup Beginner Tips” yielded a ton of results, maybe start there (unless someone else can offer some actual practical advice).

I do know that the best application of make-up is to make you feel pretty, not to actually change the way you look.
oh and good luck.

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Thanks for the suggestions. It’s just kind of overwhelming (and I suck at drawing), but I think I should just start trying even if I’m terrible at it. I tend to get frustrated with things and then just stop - the perfectionist mindset.

yup, I know how that is…

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I’m not a femcel but I could help a bit with make up. I used to wear it everyday but now I work with men and decided not to wear make up or parfume at work.

What exactly do you want to know? I guess basic tips would be something natural looking, making sure you match the right colour. If your using a foundation or powder to cover up imperfections you need to colour match a few times a year because your skin changes in the summer with a tan. Knowing what products do what, for example someone with dry skin should stay away from powder foundation because it will turn out caked. Someone with oily skin should opt for a powder. You should also prep by washing your face first then doing a powder or a primer first so that the make up stays and then setting it. If you don’t prime or set the make up will smudge and melt off, eye make up will move and you will look like a raccoon. There is a big difference in make up quality , cheap make up isn’t so great. I recommend Sephora or mac.

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So when I was manic I had this delusional belief that I was a woman and during this time I wore light makeup. Thin eyeliner, mascara to make my eyes stand out. Maybe a little tinted lip balm. You can add some tinted moisturizer that ads some shine to the skin. Personally I don’t find super heavy makeup appealing on women but you can Google “WikiHow makeup” and follow the instructions for more complex makeup (layers of concealer, powder, etc). If you want to wear makeup go for it and if not don’t.

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I have a lot of issues

  1. I’m sensitive to odors and fragrances
  2. I have difficulty putting on eye makeup because my eyes are sensitive and I flinch. I think I also lack dexterity in my hands. I have chronic pain in my hands, but I’ve always had sloppy handwriting.
  3. I watch makeup tutorials and the stuff they recommend is like $100 investment.

Yeah. I heard the “drugstore brand” isn’t recommended, but I want to practice with the cheap stuff first. Someone said that Clinique doesn’t have a smell, but it’s expensive. I have acne so it sounds like powder would be better. I was also thinking about mixing the primer with salicylic acid for my acne. With eye makeup, I bought these eyeliner stickers. If they work, I could also attach eyelashes to it.

This is all overwhelming and depressing. The biggest area of dysphoria for me is my face. I think if I can be good at makeup it would make me feel better, but I’m not very optimistic. It would also be good for my Youtube channel.

A lot do have fragrance but you can ask the cosmetologist for something without. I like Sephora and Mac but it is expensive. With that said I also like cover girl pressed foundation and mascara. The thing that I like about Sephora is that you collect points so although it’s expensive you can use the points for buying minis, or even make up applications. They also have samples you can try free with every order you get a few to try.

For acne they make Specialized make up with benzoyl peroxide and such in it already. But beware if it’s active acne make up could make the flare ups even worse…

I am also not great with eye liner. But what I do is use an eye liner pencil on just the lower lids on the inside with mascara on top lashes and I find that’s enough for day wear. If it’s night wear or photos you could get away with something a bit more heavy and use fake lashes. I get my lashes done professionally if it’s a rare special occasion but I don’t do it for everyday wear. I like a natural look.

I would look into colours that contrast your eyes and make them pop. I have blue eyes so I usually do a grey, black, or brown or peach with a slimmer.

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If you have issues putting on eye makeup you can try this. When putting on pencil eyeliner, close one eye with one hand, pull it taught, and apply the eyelines with the other hand, making little connecting lines along the edge of the eyelash. To put on mascara, put the back of a business card behind your eyelashes, pin your top eyelash against the business card with one hand, and apply it (getting some mascara on the business card) with the other hand. The bottom lashes are easier - if you smudge mascara on the skin below your bottom eyelashes you can just rub it out with makeup remover on a cotton swab or paper towel. Don’t bother putting eyeliner on the bottom eyelid - it looks kind of goth and doesn’t look as natural.

If you screw up you can just close your eyes, remove it by applying makeup remover, and then dunk your face in water to remove the makeup remover. Amazon has some cheap makeup (just read the reviews and stars) and there are some add ons that can search the internet for the same item as on Amazon but cheaper. You can also try https://smile.amazon.com/ to give a little bit on money to charity.

I don’t like buying from the drugstore because you can’t read reviews. You don’t need to do full face makeup with powder - tinted moisturizer is enough for a natural look. If you want to do full makeup there are guides on WikiHow - just Google “WikiHow to do makeup”.

Personally for acne I like to use a spot remover ex. spot gel with benzyl peroxide for individual isolated pimples. Experiment with different things depending on the kind of acne you have or see a dermatologist if it is bad. Perhaps a dermatologist can also recommend acne safe makeup or you can just Google for it.

This is super embarrassing but when I was manic I created a shit ton of social media posting and there is a video where I put on eye makeup.
Eyeliner application: https://youtu.be/xKt0gIglLFI?t=288
Mascara application: https://youtu.be/xKt0gIglLFI?t=429

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Thanks. So you think pencil is better? I tried liquid and marker eyeliner and it went everywhere.

You should be careful about posting music in your videos btw. You might not care about that one, but Youtube can shut down your channel.

Yes pencil eyeliner I think is better usually more control over where it goes

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