Every time I try to get ahead I am brought down

A year ago was taking an accounting class. But was depressed and thought about intimacy constantly so I admit I was really depressed and dropped out. But then my parent got really sick and the stress from that would of made me unable to concentrate anyways.

Now I found out an interesting diet/eating lifestyle to raise metabolism and lose weight. But now the virus hits and the economy is gonna stall. So again my plans ahead for health are not gonna happen and I have a higher chance of death because of bad health.

I’m pretty sure I have hypogonadism, hypothyroid.

Also one of my parents lost their job and their credit is really poor. We left our apartment with out providing a 30 day notice. Where I live there is like 10 affordable apartments and I live in a metropolitan area of millions and !millions of people. All the rentals here want 3x the monthly income And credit scores.

It just hits me over and over, we live in a hunger games style brutal world of Darwinian competition. And I just hate normie scums who enjoy this world and were loved by it.

where are you staying now?

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In a motel.

I have a spare room here if you want


That’s really difficult with what’s going on in the world right now. Being homeless or such would make you very vulnerable to getting sick not just covid but really anything. Some countries are offering assistance to people who need help right now. Like my country created a covid income insurance if you lost your job, or provide care for someone sick, you get sick, or if you have to isolate/quarantine ect. They are also providing more housing support to try to keep everyone housed right now. They are also pausing rent and mortgage payments (unfortunately I don’t qualify because the bank I used isn’t government owed…great) and they are stopping all evictions until August.

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sometimes you can get AirBnBs for cheaper than hotels. Don’t have my own place otherwise i’d let you have a space


Thanks for the kind words guys. I’m not completely homeless since I’m in a motel and my parents have stable income. We couldn’t afford the high rents where I live so we had to leave out apartment. We thought we would find a place quickly but there’s almost no affordable places and they want people with high credit scores.