Empathy is good

video is not fully based because she bitches about marriage

asking for marriage on first date isnt really a bad thing imo

also, this reminds me of a time where i almost got laid with a gurl but then she made me watch stupid DC television for 3 hours then made me sleep on the couch with no sex. Still have bad memories and emotional baggage/pent up rage rom that event, try to forget about it every day

Also there is a Grace vid that goes into detail about how modern women lack empathy for male dating because they have the perfect dating life and 4000 matches on tinder so they never bother to research how bad it is for men

Que relatively attractive female

Within 3 seconds of the beginning of the video

“I came out as bisexual last year.”


Although it is funny and she might encounter some issues males deal with, for males it is even worse as females are far less forgiving for males in general. Just the fact that she was asked out is a massive anomaly for males. And keep in mind, that happened to her within only 1 year.

If she thinks it’s bad now, she would be absolutely horrified if she were put in a literal male body (looksmatched to her, so let us say like a 6 or 7), and forced to attempt DSR for a whole year.

ye it sux being male. Because if you lust after a female and want sex on the first date, women on facebook will say you are not evolved. Not directly but i seen these women post about how lusting for women based on looks is bad and not evolved. Meanwhile they do not address how women judge males on looks more than males judge females on looks.

Grace made a video about this but forgot which video it was. He talks about how women don’t put in the research to empathize with how bad males have it with dating. Women view dating as great since the average woman has 4000 messages in inbox at all times. Normally people would put in research to see the other side of the story, but people that ghost don’t really care about your side of the story, so I can’t imagine that everyone would put in the research to empathize or hear the other side of the story. Not saying all women ghost but I have been ghosted by women who I didn’t expect to, for instance someone who put on a pretentious appearance of being some kind of moral guru. Because its like, even some rich people want to help poor countries even though its their fault people are poor, so I guess its even worse than that, because its like being rich but not even knowing about poor people’s existence.

and yes i do blame rich for us being poor, look at wealth gap, rich also rig politicians which rig the economy. zuck sucks our data and doesn’t even pay us 5 cents, at least he could pay us 5 cents for each data he ccuccs.

It’s even worse than that. Even “evolved” males still get nothing.

Because of misandrist propaganda, it is assumed males as a whole are less evolved than females.

It’s still incredibly stupid. We’re extremely aware of how easy females have it despite not having that experience.

Females never make the first move and they know it, too. There’s no logical reason why they should believe males have it just as easy as them. That’s completely insane.

I had a semi-based Psychology professor once in Community College (approximately 8 years ago). He put up statistics on what % of teens were sexually active in roughly high school age range. It showed that a far fewer % of males were sexually active than females. This already surprised the majority female class… and then the professor went on to say that because we know males tend to overreport and that females tend to underreport, this discrepancy is probably wider than the available data suggests. And the females didn’t get it, like, “how can there be that much of a difference if it takes a female and a male to actually have sex?” Like come on, how fucking stupid are females? Just playing dumb. The reality is a minority of the same males get all the sex and DSR, and the rest of us are relegated to being considered fucking garbage and not good enough for anyone.

After high school, it only gets worse.

males have bad dating experiences so they put in the research about dating existence. Females have great experiences thus no reason to research. If something isn’t broken people aren’t going to research the fix.

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