Election night(s) so far

I noticed in overpopulated areas and big cities they vote Biden, but in rural areas they vote trump.

It is clear that these city dwellers cannot be counted on to be reasonable and instead believe whatever they hear on television and the news about “orange man bad” propaganda.

Therefore I think my original plan to make city dweller males into mtfs was actually completely brilliant and reasonable.

If you are a rural dweller you can stay a man (unless you dont want to) but if you live in a city you should have to pass some kind of test in order to keep your manhood.

Trump was going to get rid of income taxes for all americans and give every american $100,000 but good job you had to fuck it up because of your leftist open borders nonsense which is going to make americans even poorer than before.


because city dwellers are leftists who believe anything they hear on cnn and because hardcore leftists generally are a plague that would benefit from sterilization.

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biden would probably be open to increased support for us poors but the Senate Republicans will block him on anything

I don’t think Trump would have put in UBI unless both chambers were Democratic

Let me guess, biden is going to increase minimum wage.

Spoiler alert, he is probably going to increase taxes while doing so.

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Look up nesara gesara my guy.

I didn’t vote

but Im just happy Biden won so I don’t have to listen to an insult comic every hour of every day

I don’t think he’ll raise taxes on those making less than 70-150k

As if 50k is even enough to escape incel with how high female standards are in this day and age.

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was going to vote trump, even talked about it here a few months ago

then trump turned down nancy’s 2-3 trillion bill for months which would have included stimulus checks

then put a no-spend tea-party guy as chief of staff while blaming mnuchin for convincing him to sign the first stimulus bill in the first place

then he started threatening breaking the constitution with term limits, actiing like a lolcow, and going to the ER for COVID

and so just decided to just stay home and not vote

not sure how any of that is my fault.

you should have focused on the future and nesara gesara

it’s not, the thread was about Trump

Interesting will look into it

you dont have to read that 39 page book (unless you want to) there are much shorter youtube vids about it

it has a 3/5 star rating but i dont respect ratings that dont have a written review attached to them

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nice meme, I don’t get it though

Pol Pot was right. City dwellers get the wall.
I voted for Hatsune Miku for Prez in 2020, I will vote for her in 2024.
Thing is I think the polling stations are actually crooked, My vote may have been for Biden since they used that electronic scanner black box thingy like a scantron. I also voted against legalization of drugs and gambling, and the further corruption of city spending delegated to the county (ie. make it even easier to do so without going through “due process”). I wasn’t really paying attention to the elections, I was just blue balling myself with no nut november. I’m more horny now then before I took the challenge, last time I lasted for 14 days. I’m hoping I can control my urges until December at least, constantly playing a porn game does not help.

sounds cucced.

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banning pot is unamerican, the founding fathers, george washington, ben franklin and every human being since the 1800s did pot, till u commies took over took our taxes and cucced us all. If miku was president she wouldnt approve.

no u