Elderly couple cry over their three daughters

Last week I had an interesting experience with an elderly couple as they literally started crying over their three professional career oriented daughters in their mid thirties because every single one of them was childless and it seems very unlikely any of them will have children in the immediate future.

They were crying because they knew that they would never have the joy of being grandparents themselves.

That experience for me was surreal and it hit me pretty hard emotionally. I was at a loss for words to reply back to them with.

Yeah it’s pretty hard to not have grandkids. Or even kids.


An underlying symptom of the European west.

yeah it’s hitting hard

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yeah no kidding. I wouldn’t know what to say either. I mean other than ‘sorry’. sometimes theres nothing to say.
hind sight is 20-20 as they say, if you could go back, would you know what to say?
(not that you’re supposed to, just wondering mostly)

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Not really, from my experience older people are usually delusional about a great deal of things nowadays.

The age gap is just too much. They just don’t understand the kind of world we live in anymore, that and I didn’t want to be mean to them when they’re emotionally vulnerable.

I could of been mean to them but chose not to be. It’s just not in my nature to kick people when they’re already down.

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