Dude spent 10k for a hug

Her “bf” isn’t even a chad.

Suicidefuel for shortcels.

Her bf might not be Chad, but she’s still an OnlyFans wh0re which lowers her status for a relationship, so she just went for a high tier normie that will cucck instead.

By the way, she’s closer to average-looking than Michaela. Maybe a little above average just for not being fat. Read the comments with many stating she is “average” or “not even hot.” Not stacy, but not ugly. And she can make 10k just from meeting a guy (and people question this, since she isn’t Stacy). I think that says enough about the CURRENT VALUE of the average-looking female in the DATING MARKET.

He doesn’t look like a chad, but he may have big dick energy and he may be an extrovert. Being a chad is more than just being tall and fit.

Then can’t you be a chad with big dick energy?

I’d have to compensate for my lack of height, but yes, technically I could be – that’s what redpill says so, at least.

Problem is, I’m too shy. Shyness is a characteristic usually associated with femininity. Masculinity is usually associated with being brave and fearless, which is the exact opposite of me. I don’t usually speak firmly or aggressively. I don’t have chad personality.

I think that says enough about the CURRENT VALUE of the average-looking female in the DATING MARKET.

You are brave with spiders! Don’t be harsh on yourself.

we should make a new pill called sadpill. Because this is what this is. Plus we are not allowed to say the other pill, the word uck or cemp.

Seems logical. This could be a case of big dick energy, the cemp in the pic does not even look ugly and kind of actually looks handsome, but has small dick energy.

@Starlord shyness is not the same as dick energy. Someone can be shy and also have big dick energy. Women do flirt to shy people if they are attracted, or at least they used to, I don’t go out much anymore (the reason I stopped going out was because women never flirted to me and I just felt sexually frustrated all the time. Then all I see online was masculinist nonsense about how males must flirt to women and there is no hope unless males flirt first. I then flirted in public out of desperation but it only brought me misery. The only time i have ever gotten anywhere is online flirtation, real life flirting there is no hope. I also realized that salvation will arrive with shemale supremacy and that mainstream normie society will lead to hardship and sadness for most beings.) You also live in a different culture than me which can be a factor as well.

Wouldn’t bash on these guys tbh

Wouldn’t bash on these guys tbh