Dreams lately

Anyone else been having really boring dreams lately?

Last night I had a dream I lost my home key. And it was 2 am. All I have is a blanket. I must sleep in the cold rain with nothing but a blanket, my only hope is getting laid with one of the 2 blond female teachers I had a crush on. It is 2 am I knock on the Gym door, its like a gym to workout. My only hope is that the gym door is open and there are people inside. Some guy opens the door for me. I am dirt poor and don’t have any money to workout, so I ask to speak to her.

I interrupt her session and speaks to me like an Adult. She is using strange American adult lingo like one of those serious modern TV shows. I get the vibe she is looking down on me because I am poor. I get the vibe she will not have sex with me and that I must sleep outside in cold rain with nothing but a blanket. But I also sense a vibe from compassion from her, that maybe she will drive me to somewhere where I can rest. Then I wake up.

Second dream I have, I am at high-school again. And there is a different blond teacher. We are playing a strange game of math scrabble. It takes half an hour to explain the rules. I am winning the game then this italian guido chad starts winning. Then I realize he is not playing according to the rules of the game and he doesn’t understand the rules. Then, without asking me, she throws everyones tiles all into the bag and starts from scratch. Then I realize class is over and has been 1 hour. Had the italian guido played by the rules, we would have stayed in class overtime and I would have missed my other classes, not that I cared, I always miss classes in my dreams anyway and am a rebel of the system.