Dream of memes

I’ve had uninteresting, uneventful and boring dreams lately, just like my real life.

I tried to remember the dreams I had last night but forgot. I remember it now, I was scrolling through memes. You see, I am, what you call a “scroller”.

The dream I had was a dream of memes. In the dream I was scrolling through social media and came upon a meme. The meme was saying that gordon freeman was more based and was a better (superior) meme to walter white memes.

I had a dream yesterday as I was sleeping in a bathtub that a poltergeist possessed my bathroom where every time I would get out of the bath tub I would be stuck right back in it again.

This happened like twenty times until a demonic face emerged from the water where I woke up afterwards. At first I was wondering if I was still dreaming or not.

Crazy weird shit man…

Ever since that dream I’ve been wondering if the previous tenant of my apartment died in the bathtub or something and how it’s uncool if they’re trying to haunt me when I am just meditating in the tub. Not cool man, not cool at all…

sounds better than my dream tbh. I prefer even having a nightmare to a boring dream.

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