Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page

“Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.”

everytime i go to type something, this popup appears and makes me want to scream

never had this issue and i’ve tested this site on many computers

you should try logging out of other devices

this is the only device i used. and i only had 1 tab of incelistan open.

what device and what browser?

microsoft edge is glitchy, i know that, but everything else should work fine.

just windows 10 and not using microosoft edge

Sometimes you just need to refresh the page. I get glitches with iPhone telling me I can’t react to posts because the function is disabled but after refreshing the page it works. I just can’t start a thread on my iPhone I have to use my lap top for that idk why. It won’t let me pick a category on my phone. Unless it’s my phone. Could be the case as well.

What theme do you use? I noticed some seem to have more bugs than others. Discourse dark theme is the best so far.

@love @DarthDva

I changed the default site theme

the previous was almost 12k lines of CSS code, a lot of it was custom code, and bug hunting would have been a nightmare. This one doesn’t have any bugs afaik and is properly maintained, and imo looks good.

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the bug only appears when posting, doesnt seem like a theme related bug

there are no core discourse bugs like that
This software is used by millions and it’s 100% updated, and I cannot replicate the bug on multiple machines on multiple accounts. The database is also sane.

I changed the theme, which indeed got rid of a few UI and functionality bugs on mobile that I could not fix for weeks. Profile background and usercard image uploads are also now fixed. Site should be 100% functional and any remaining bugs are user-side.