Domestic abuse

Conservatives. Conservatives aka right wing extremists are those who judge people. They are the most disgusting people on the face of this planet.

I lived in a abusive household that always put me down treated me like shit, invalidated me, body shamed me, disability shamed me. I have CPTSD and BPD because of them. They are alt-right.

I’ve never been in a relationship and I don’t identify as male as I’m non binary. I also have BPD which is why I’ve been rejected.

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And yet the far left nutjobs are literally the reason you are the way you are. You’re an incel because of the shit they’ve pumped into female brains (and yours), on top of their policies to ruin the economy. Schools literally teach males to hate themselves and females to love themselves.

“Alt Right” or similar are a reaction to this degradation of society. If it means hating the above shit, then it is normal and healthy. And we’re not talking the braindead “new normal” here.

i dont think its fair to claim right wings are all toxic just because you have right wing family members who are toxic.

Trump is a faux-conservative anyway, he is a meme and doesn’t embody higher aristocracy or actual conservative ideals. Trump is to conservativism is what McDonalds is to real irish cuisine.

The only people who teach me to hate myself is my disgusting trump supporting family the left is actually taught me to embrace myself stop drinking the Kool-Aid. I have screenshots of how disgusting and toxic my family is. And I’m not an incel just FYI, but I have never been in a relationship.

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Also you’re absolutely wrong schools do not teach males to hate themselves hell I’ve been in school for most of my life they still do the same shit where FF female is raped especially one with a disability and she reports it she gets in trouble for it so cut the crap.

There are numerous conservative states where if a girl reports rape they get suspended or expelled like what happened in Georgia last year Missouri 2011.

Just look up girl gets expelled for being raped and there’s many cases like that so don’t give me that crap that men are being targeted there are cases of girls who make false rape allegations but that is much rarer than girls who are punished for being raped I’m not saying that men are bad people I’m saying that females are treated much worse in society than men are. Yeah in the NFL community many men claimed that they are victims just because they can’t get laid this is so fucked up.

If you can’t get laid it’s not because you’re a dude it’s because of how you present yourself.

If you’re fat lose some weight, or maybe improve your social skills or if you’re like me get therapy because guess what since I’ve gotten therapy and I became less emotionally volatile I actually had a few successful dates so don’t give me that crap that you are an insult everyone has to pity you.

You need to stop it with the fucking victim mentality like where I used to be. I’m single because of my pessimistic attitude not because I’m a dude.

Also lots of girls don’t like dudes who are very toxic or on the opposite side or are extremely anxious. They like guys who are shy but polite and not creepy.

There are some girls who like guys who are confident and there are some girls who do like toxic guys but that’s because they have issues due to years and years of abuse at home.

And just FYI I’ve been abused for many years which is why I developed a borderline personality disorder and PTSD which I’m currently getting over, and I’m hoping once my mental health issues resolved I’ll finally be able to date without being judged for my mental health issues and I know girls who are going through the same shit that I’m going through.

Conservative states are shit ■■■■■

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Lmao you’re clueless. You want DSR but can’t get it, correct? That automatically makes you an incel by definition. It’s not something you can “identify” as, which is retarded. That’s literally the mainstream narrative, implying that to be incel is a fucking choice which is an oxymoron.

Furthermore, for most of us yes, it does apply to the average person and the vast majority.

Actually it most definitely is because I am a dude. There are tons of females out there with worse personalities than me, that engage in all sorts of horrible, manipulative behavior, and they have no shortage of attention. You’re completely insane and denying reality to deny this FACT.

I’m not fat. I stand at 6’1", 190lbs. Females have much worse bodies than this, and yet usually no problems.

Lmao, “improve social skills.” I can talk to people. If that’s not good enough as is, then I already have it harder than females.

Yet females have victim mentality all over the place… they complain about every little non-issue, like dress code at schools.

No, they don’t like shy guys. Why are you lecturing me about what females like? You don’t even know what an incel actually is, while at the same time being an incel yourself. Females are incredibly picky. They don’t like A, or B, or C, etc. Ridiculously high standards compared to males. I get (unwelcome) gays asking to suck my dick after posting ads in straight sections. The difference is night and day. It’s absolutely the truth beyond ANY doubt.

Lmao you excuse females for liking toxic guys? Yet at the same time tell me I have zero luck because I am toxic. No, the reality is a lot of males more toxic than us actually do better, because they have “social skills” or money, or some other crap that has nothing to do with being a person of integrity. Females are horrible at selecting mates and excusing them just keeps it all going.

You’ll never be able to date a female. You’re ■■■■■■ with the fact that they simply don’t like you, and they don’t like 95% of us. You haven’t even begun to understand how they really think.

Not everything has to be black and white.

Though I side a bit with restart that being male makes it harder, especially under age 30

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Also I want a loving relationship not someone to fuck.


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Fuck the left…

I am pro lgbt but when has the fucking lgbt done jack shit to help out incels… male lgbts are feminist BOOTLICKERS who wont lift a finger to address blackpill issues or blackpill REALITY instead they are bluepilled through and through

Honestly, cut it out, I have a lot of empathy for you but this post is fucking treason

You already admitted you were treated unfairly and horribly by your whole classroom of women, and now you are spouting treasonous bluepill crap! Cut it out!!!

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They already admitted and proved proof of this fact in another post, idk why they decided to post treasonous bluepill crap. I think you are maybe being a little too harsh on them so they are backed into a corner and just using bluepill to get at you.

They claim they been on dates but the dates never lead anywhere so i dont want to hear this bluepill nonsense anymore from them, and they posted overwhelming proof of blackpill in their other thread.

In theory they should be more friendly to incels than right-wingers imo

“in theory” liberals should not want to ban guns.

I’m bi/pan. There’s a bit of an unwelcoming aura between LGBTWagies and gay/bi male NEETs. (disregarding anything a privileged lesbo has to say since they’re covered in the acronym twice with “L” & “G”) Feminists & LGBTW are a very large cult of ingrates where I’ve somewhat sympathized with Omar Mateen out of spite as well as Randy Stair & the strange, bi/asexual pedo volcel ramblings of Adam Lanza. Feminist wagies & OnlyFans th0ts have a mentality that has more-so pushed me to want to choke them to death than most any incel that wants to kill me, especially since I have a death wish & don’t really care if that happens. I did think Elliot was kind of cute after I started slipping out of bluepill feminist land with the lulzy, NEET maymays.

The general problem comes with how much cognitive dissonance they have about complaining how gays are oppressed and have trouble finding a job, but then most of the average femling’s comments come in towards how much they despise male NEETs/basement dwellers. You won’t find most any femling that bothers to reach out & talk to a gay/bi male NEET/basement dweller and befriend them. I’ve never seen a feminist wagie say they have a gay male NEET friend, which is more of a reason for the gay male suicide rate and not really what moronic conservashits have to say as the feminist coward pretends to care about people like me while they push to censor the dumb ramblings of a right wing Christfag instead of being nice to me. Feminists just don’t want to address their deliberate neglect & rampant anti-male-NEET sentiment as they make every online discussion thoroughly unwelcoming to gay/bi male NEETs that are more-so on the verge of suicide, who may also despise the idea of working for insufferable, Abrahamist morons and paying their taxes. (seriously, fuck working for you.)

I’m borderline accepting of heterocels, but I just hate /r/IncelTear more. It’s hard to determine if I hate the right wing more than the left wing.

Yeah i noticed that, like the wagies spread memes like “contribute to society” and other such memes, I think i would be more likely to contribute to society if i wasnt treated like an outcast and actually had a sex life. Secondly, i have tried to get jobs but its hard to get hired for jobs anyway. I think the phrase “check your privilege” should be said to these people.

Also, i have no idea who those 3 people are that you mentioned, so I can’t comment on that.

both are the same anyway in terms of economic policies since all of them are funded by the same people. I would say the left is more hatable because right-wingers like Tucker Carlson say phobic things but its him mostly complaining about someone who is phobic losing their job or something. Whereas lefty sites like incel tears are a lot more hateful and saying horrible things about incels like wanting incels to die or be stuck as an incel.

This is normal.

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