Does summer make you feel alone?

When I see girls with their pretty boy Chad or Adam boyfriends I feel super lonely.

Like…you see couples alot like that during summer and im like “why can’t they pick me!?”

I need a cute girlfriend!

What those Adams and Chads Chads got that I don’t!?

I drive!
I look after myself!
I recently completed an apprenticeship!

Whats not to like!



they probably got more aesthetic dna and better social skils. Genetic “lottery” as they say.

You sound like a little bitch.

What, you going to torture yourself and go for a PhD next? Keep working your ass off just for some attention other males get virtually for free by comparison? Going to make tons of money so your taxes can go to Karens?

Fuck it, you’re better off doing everything you can to convince yourself that females are undesirable.

Hey, lets be nice. They made a good post that proving not all incels are basement dwelling autists.

But I digress, why is it that basement dwelling female autists on Twitch get 10,000 orbiters but males get none, double standard if you ask me.


Incels should be allowed to do whatever they want.

This guy just proves that being normie isn’t good enough anymore, so it’s better not to bother.

No one is really walking around right now tbh.

But I love that everyone is walking around afraid right now. Because I feel like chad just having a normal immune system lol.


I can see the community pool from my balcony. Normally that’d be brutal, but from the 3rd floor I have yet to see any good looking people.

Of course I’m hiding away while they’re out and about so there ya go.

I quite like being by myself so it’s not that big of a deal.