Do you think Aimee Terese is a transsexual?

The host of whatisleftpod ?

This is her Twitter

Basically she is a rising star on the left. She is constantly dramawhoring and making Tweets that mean nothing. But she counter-signals feminists HARD. Maybe cuz she is radfem or whatever I dunno. But it is amusing.

Anyway I have only seen 2 pics of her ANYWHERE on the internet. Her Twitter has been up for 10 YEARS and only TWO selfies. Something is weird. It sounds like she is using a voicechanger and I dunno. I think she is a man or a trans person.

Anyway she challenged the idea of prostitution as work, bringing up that it is retarded to put a man in jail for not paying after having sex (or for a woman to weaponize her vagina as such). Her fans disagreed, one called not paying after having sex rape, and others reiterated is should be theft.

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I had sex with a prostitute from backpage once. I paid her in advance and she had sex with me, but I came in like 10 seconds and she wouldn’t let me do it again unless I paid her again, which I didn’t -_-. I think not paying her is the same as not paying a restaurant bill. Sometimes I pay the restaurant bill before the food arrives just so that if I finish eating quickly and am in a rush I can just leave without waiting for the waiter. Not paying a prostitute is like not paying the bill at a restaurant after you’ve eaten.

Anyway, I can’t tell if she’s trans because I can’t get a good look at how big her forearms and hands are relative to her body. People with a Y chromosome have bigger hands and longer forearms. That’s about the only difference that I can catch after facial feminization surgery and all the changes and stuff. Really I don’t think it matters, but looking at her small hand and listening to her voice I think she’s cis-gender.

Twitter podcasters are not really interested in effecting any kind of political change, or even thinking seriously about anything.

“[I]ndications are the only thing the present age achieves, and its skill and virtuosity entirely consist in building magical illusions; its momentary enthusiasms which use some projected change in the forms of things as an escape for actually changing the forms of things, are the highest in the scale of cleverness and the negative use of that strength which is the passionate and creating energy during Revolutionary Ages. Eventually, this present age tires of its chimerical attempts until it declines back into indolence. Its condition is like one who has just fallen asleep in the morning: first, great dreams, then laziness, and then a witty or clever reason for staying in bed.”
—Søren Kierkegaard, The Present Age (1846)


Counter-signaling feminism is trendy right now and while it was amusing in the beginning… frankly, it just becomes exhausting over time.

Not all transsexuals are social media junkies hell-bent on bringing global communism with keyboard warfare. That too gets exhausting over time.

…Some are just jaded, trying to get by… or alternatively… waiting for the world to end. Probably most, at least the ones who don’t get social media attention.


that is true
some are nrx

Either a man with a voicechanger or she has some speech disorder
I know these things

Saw her accuse Lee Carter of harassment of something. All I know about her. Oh well, drama is what makes someone Twitter famous, so maybe some day she will be famous.

hmm. I didn’t hear it. she sounded normal to me.

I’ll defer to your experience. I don’t know these things.

Damn. I shouldn’t be up at 5 AM and I really shouldn’t be up reading this shit. But I’m in a bad place now so…I found this

agreed, you should get some sleep. also, talk to someone you trust about what you’re going through.

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I agree with her though. I do have guys on an adult site who are into me, but I’m not into guys. And they might not if they saw my real face. Some don’t care and just want dick, but I’m not into guys.

there has been new evidence on this topic

If it’s true she is trans, you are all pioneers on this topic