Did BrendioEEE marry Tahlia yet?

Rumor was he was going to marry her.

Although I don’t even know like, how that would work, given both seem jobless and moneyless and in opposite parts of the world. Which is absolutely fine, but who is going to live with who and how?

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They are probably only going to get married to the extent that you talk about them. NPD basically.

tahlia… oh

this person?


Öh she isn’t ugly at all. How should she be a female incel? Or does she mean volcel?

Is she even wearing any make-up? Lmao she’s not a femcel, and definitely not a 3. She’s like a 6.

Yeah she’s pretty

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yea that’s tahlia

Hopefully he didn’t. An average-ish female talking about being femcel is a red flag (unless admitting volcel, or, lesbiancel).

Though at least she admits males have it worse.

Lol “red flag”


Tbh it isn’t much of a red flag, just more an outward sign of female nature manifesting itself, since female nature itself is the red flag.

How does one hate female nature but want a female?

Think she says she is just a celibate but not involuntarily, just based on that video, not too familiar with her though.

actually I have seen her other places, she’s the tradcon girl

She was attention whoring herself on r9k for at least a year. Surprised more people don’t know about her.

And the other .co apparently too

how old is she btw?

18 afaik

testosterone probably

Doesn’t make sense to me lol