DarthDVA: will you stand for this?

Wall of text didn’t read.

As for lesbians I do not appreciate when lesbians date a butch masculine female but wont date a male that’s more feminine than them. As for lipstick lesbians I can understand them rejecting femboys maybe but I don’t understand hatred of penis. If a shemale fully passes there is no reason to reject penis. Hating penis is immature, I had an anti-penis phase when I was a teen but grew out of it after watching more and more porn.

I used to exclusively watch only lesbian cis female porn. So I can understand cis exclusivity but I do not approve of it, its immature. I grew out of my lesbian porn only phase.

Same as I can understand incel but do not approve of it. If a girl rejects me for not being chad I can understand but I will still resent her and feel bitter about it. I was rejected by bisexual women before for not being chad enough and also not passing as a female. I can understand but I will still resent them for it and let the hate flow through me. Especially in the summer days in the sweltering heat when it is 90 degrees and I sit and rot and I question the very meaning of life, why does half the population suffer and not even have basic amenities, while the other half gets decent lives.

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Also, not all females have good lives but in general one half of the population has good lives while the other doesn’t. For instance if there is a female with a bad life then there is a Chad with a good life. And half the country is in debt. And in general females with bad lives still have better quality of life than males with bad lives because its inherently better to be female than male. Also, I do have an air cooler but it only cools the air down a few degrees, everyone else gets normal living standards of 70 degrees or 80 degrees while i rot with 85 degrees or more, while also having my mind swirling around with thoughts about all the times I got rejected or all the mistakes I made in life.