COVID-19 is a nothingburger

It’s dangerous, but about as dangerous as the flu

no actual evidence it spreads faster than the flu

has an official death rate of 0.9%, likely lower

Italy has always had high respiratory deaths, this year has not outpaced other years. Hospitals crowded because of hysteria, more people seeking treatment for respiratory illness.

Previous super-dangerous pandemics spread like wildfire due to lack of technology. This is not 1918.

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called it as overreaction

Isn’t it around 3% to 2%?

That’s what I thought too, but for people under 40 it’s only 0.2%.

I think it’s going to be higher imo. We don’t really know what the death rate is right now. I think it’s going to be around 5%. From what I’ve seen of it it’s not just a flu. There’s definitely an increase of very unwell people in emergency. So far where I am it’s being managed but there is a shortage of PPE. But with that said I’m not sure it’s going to stay manageable because it hasn’t peaked yet.

It looks pretty bad to me. Saw a clip on Twitter of someone in their apartment in NYC and the whole city is empty but all you hear is ambulance sirens. Definitely not the f lu

Only country to do serious testing (a lot per capita) was S. Korea. Case fatality there is 0.9% and it has a similar age demographic to the US unlike other countries. And it still wasn’t widespread enough testing so the CFR is likely much lower. Case fatality likely lower than 0.45%. The WHO etc CFR rate is mostly based off hospital patients so it’s inflated.

Only closed space where 100% of people were tested was on the Diamond Cruise chip where CFR was 1% and it was mostly elderly people. Virus had more than enough time to infect everyone there.

it’s panic

Corona is not decreasing, just hospitals are full and no longer reporting.

SK had lots of experience with dealing with prior outbreaks of sars/mers. The problem with this virus is it kills healthy young people like the Spanish flu/swine flu. It kills young healthy their immune systems going into overdrive and producing a cytokine storm. This is what killed lots of 20-40 yr olds in Spanish flu. Also kills old people with pre existing conditions. It’s also a higher fatality rate, and spreads easoer, no immunity either like people have towards the flu.

In my professional advice, it’s good to be prepared and aware. Yes it is more serious than the the flu and there’s no immunity or medication for it right now. The purpose of everyone staying home is so that it spreads out the cases and slows it down. It’s not really the virus it self that’s the problem because in time we will be able treat it. The problem is that there’s no immunity right now so a lot of people are getting sick very quickly and there’s not enough hospital space or equipment and people are more dying due to lack of equipment because of the mass amounts of people needing care. If we reduce the cases we can treat the people who need care. It also gives time for vaccines to be created and produced ect. However it shouldn’t be a panic. The world is not ending. We will bounce back as soon as this is over. Vaccines are in animal trials already and starting a human trial in Seattle this month.

wut COVID-19 has a case mortality rate for those under 30 less than 0.2%

This is fucking scary.


A forklift? For 1 body? Was the person 1000 lbs? Smh

That guy was the most southern guy I’ve heard in awhile.

It seems off. I can’t comment directly because New York has been hit hard. My hospital is still functioning normally but with more people. I don’t understand why they aren’t wearing more PPE or why there is so many of them either standing around. That’s like half a floor off the unit…

They are gonna use this to push their vaccine agenda to put mercury into our bodies in order to enslave our minds. I for one refuse to put any vaccine into me.

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Vaccines are better than getting sick.

I have a friend who’s health was ruined for years after vaccines.

How so? And which vaccine?

They took a vaccine, then their health was ruined for many years. They have even gotten PhD’s to confirm it was the vaccines to blame.