Corporate parasitism hurts corporations

Muh trump, muh business, muh President Business. Muh capatalism, muh business, muh profits.

The end result of capatalism and corporate paratism is social collapse and the fall of corporations and businesses everywhere.

The end result of Feminism is the decline of femininity in society.

Female entitlement, more hypergamy and more incels means people are spending less and less money on dating and feminine items.

also cant actually find the video i was looking for but whatevs

“Just make the majority of the population too poor to buy your products theory”.

“Capitalism works theory.”

“Pick yourself up by your bootstraps theory”.

“Trump has saved the economy theory.”

“blame amazon for everything, even though it only made 10% of sales theory.”

“blame online shopping for why males dont buy things or enjoy socializing anymore theory.”

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Communism and Capitalism are both such bull shit.

I always thought Communism was stupid, but I used to believe in Capitalism and “trickle-down” economics. Then it happened… just one too many times… “why do they have to make these changes, why the pay2win?” and the response is, “they’re a business and want to make as much money as possible.” Or the other big one… every major social media banning “hate” because they don’t want to lose popularity over ideals/principles, and want to make more money.

Capitalism is a lot like Democracy. The truth doesn’t matter, and principles don’t matter. In Capitalism, money rules and nothing else counts for anything. In Democracy, the majority rules no matter what and no matter how far from the truth they are. Hence you can end up with Clown World.


The Russian Communist Revolution was funded by Wallstreet [capitalist] bankers, true story.

Before the Russian Communist Revolution Vladimir Lenin was seen visiting New York City multiple times.

As for modern corporate parasitism that’s just considered good business for profits and since they own a majority of the government they don’t give a damn either as they continually face zero negative consequences for their actions.

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Yet Amazon like many major corporations pays almost zero in taxes and has a known record of treating their employees horribly concerning multiple abuses.

Yep. People like to diss on marxism but history is often revised and rewritten, let it be known that what people call “marxism” is nothing like marx’s original plans or vision at all.

As for zero consequences corporations are just too narcissistic to see whats in front of their eyes. Selfishness is not selfish which I will explain in another thread, selfishness usually backfires and ends up not being beneficial but that’s a separate topic altogether.

As we can see the rich’s attempt to suffocate and stifle the progress of the poor is anti-social and non-sensical. Its equivalent to the nonsense of the theory that somehow when most people are too poor to afford products that the economy will still go on.

If there are only 2 people in the world then money has no value. Similarly if everyone is poor then noone can buy goods and services. If the rich want to suffocate the poor then its like they are standing on air. It is commonly known if you stand on air you will fall down. If poor are too poor to afford buying products and services then there is no profits to be made. A selfish mindset that tries to always keep the competition and society down means there is no society, no society means no profits to be made. The seflish mindset of trying to keep the poor down is thus nonsensical and anti-social.