Coping methods for inceldom

What are the best ■■■■■■ methods to use for dealing with being involuntarily celibate ?

Video games, and…

Well, that’s it I suppose.

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the best? therapy, a sense of purpose, self improvement or volunteering maybe.
the most effective? any kind of distraction really, models, TV, video games, alcohol, collecting things. pretty much anything to take your mind off it.
what do you enjoy doing? what do you find yourself doing when you lose track of time?

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I’m gonna be pessimistic and optimistic at the same time. Not sure if there is really a ■■■■■■ method, or a complete one anyway And even my suggestion might still be melancholy for one to think about and to do but nevertheless…

Learning the things that you should know if by some miracle a girl decides to give you a chance. Know the fun places to go, learn how to dance, or atleast try, even making all those mistakes can be fun. Fun movies, fun games, fun music, etc. Give the girl a fun time when she’s with you.

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Play a game you can actually succeed at. The dating/smv game was obviously not meant for you.

Find an area in life where you can actually find some sort of success/validation. That’s the only way.

chris evans laugh + boob tap

The fact that it’s a game in the first place is a problem with our society.

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If it’s just ■■■■■■? Then it’ll probably be some form of distraction…
If we’re actually looking at trying to break free from inceldom, I think the best medicine would be for someone to find something that they are passionate about, and stick to it. I mean, if you only think about how everything sucks because you can’t find a partner, then that’s all you’re really going to think about, you know? Be a person, first. Find something that you can learn everything about, get hella good at that thing, broaden your capabilities as a person, and find a drive outside of romance. Fall in Love. Not with a person, necessarily, but with your passion. Don’t be so dependent on your happy ending involving a partner, because every single last one of y’all deserve to be respected better than relying on someone else to bring you Joy.
I know, I know, I’m just some dumb kid preaching on an incel chat forum… what do I know?
But, idk, you guys are people, and you deserve to treat yourselves as people, too

I think it’s especially hard on Incels who have no positive memories of DSR. Like, at all. Nothing in high school, or college, etc. The pain from that can exponentially increase in its magnitude overtime unless it is resolved, which makes long-term goals difficult.

That being said, you are right. It’s a really terrible feeling being stuck in depression over Inceldom. You find yourself just staring into a screen listening to 8-bit music for hours on end like an insane person, and lose all productivity, and then start to wonder the point of being alive when you get nothing done day after day.

Your advice is good, though. Probably more effective for the mild or moderate cases of Incel, rather than the severe.

I think that’s generally true. I’m sure I’d be worse off if I had never experienced DSR. Normies downplay it because they’re used to having it.

However, I would say that the feeling decreases over time. I’m not quite at the point of truecel, but after 1-2 decades of not getting anything except making out with a horribly obese chick, my memories of DSR are almost like as if I had watched a movie of someone doing it rather than having experienced it myself.

It’s possible the effect is different altogether for someone who has had a relationship or some relatively solid period of time where they felt normal/weren’t Incel.

I just know that in my case the negative feelings have been getting worse every year. There’s ups and downs where sometimes my copes/distractions work better than others. But it’s an overall upward trend in terms of negative emotions. I’m forced to think about how I threw away everything in highschool and college when I certainly had more of a chance than I do today. Today it is just a joke.

The thing with me is that I felt like an incel before the relationship. She probably tried to break up with my at least 6 different times. If I was confident about finding women, I wouldn’t have made such an effort to keep her.

You seem to be decent looking (at least 4-5). I know what it’s like having autism though and women’s standards have increased. If I were younger, I might have remained a virgin.

I remember Thinking-Ape admitting that he might have been an incel if he were born 20 years later (he’s in his early 40s) and he said he’s had close to 20 partners. I think for him, when he was younger he had tattoos and piercings and so he fit a certain archetype that women were into at the time.

the best, not including difficulty as a factor?

  • moneymaxing
  • escort maxing
  • looks maxing
  • status aquiring

the best, taking difficulty into account, ok yeah vidya and films, tv and stuff

I’ve regressed in this regard. I always used to consume art in my own bubble in HS, that which I was implicitly relegated to. I was able to curb loneliness by means of escapism.
Now I’m 21 and my ability to escape has almost completely waned. As a result of growing unbearably awkward at the mention of sex I can hardly watch a film with romance (which is alot of films), or an album with a love song. I almost feel a kind of reverse misogyny looking at the image of a woman. Rather than hating her I hate myself with the same immediacy and disgust.
I can’t answer objectively because nothing personally anymore. The only thing left that can reliably help is weed, but with literally everything in life that has it’s own equal reaction. Coming down from even the best of highs (that which distracts me from my virginity) I can feel an incredible paranoia. It usually feels like every action I take is being watched and judged by people who I know who aren’t there.

Even video games fail for me nowadays. Squad is the probably the least sexy multiplayer shooter on the market today, but just after a few games I felt the same old dread suck the life out my experience.

based, i remember videogames used to give me life and joy. Now its the opposite, they seem to be draining me of energy. Plus most games nowadays are legit terrible.

The paranoia is because we are being spied on in the internet. It ruins our mental health. I recommend using Brave Browser.