Conspiracy of radiation

I struggle to type this. I am being bombarded by life-draining amounts of computer radiation.

this theme and music exactly fits 99% to the theme and feeling of the radiation I am feeling right now in my veins.

The computer radiation is from both my gaming PC and the “smart” meter outside my home. Plus whatever 5g cancer they have outside.

Right now it feels like my life force energy is being sucked by Guldan. Guldan is illuminati confirmed.

there is a conspiracy of good gaming gfx to make us by the best PC’s. The gaming pcs have more radiation. The level of radiation is over 1200. The radiation makes you more powerful like palpatine. Like that scene with mace windu.

in metroid the phazon suit gives u special powers.

only quantum computing will save us but i fear the giga ai

As I drink the Reed’s Ginger Soda I taste the taste of death on my tongue

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If internet wifi is full of toxic hidden radiation then I’ll probably be dead in five years or less, give and take.

No not wifi. 5G and the computer itself. The more powerful the computer the more radiation it has.

Also I exaggerate it a little, you will not die from the radiation in 5 years probably, it just sucks your life force energy.

Does using wired connections help?

I have my phone on Airplane Mode whenever I am not using it. I also stick to Desktops with a Wired Internet Connection. Been doing this for years as I didn’t like how wireless was unreliable.

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wifi sux and is unreliable but no a wired connection will not help much.

It is not Wifi that has most of the radiation it is computers, smart-meters, and 5g. 5g is outside it is broadcasted to everyone even if they dont have a phone. if u have a desktop you should sit as far away from it as possible. If you have smart meter you should put a radiation shield around it in the direction your rooms are.

Guys I am serious, I’m going to die in five years or less by wifi radiation jerking off to Ukrainian porn through 4G.

It’s really fucking over for me you guys. Pray for me!