Coffee coping ☕

Anyone else a coffeecel? Lately I drink 4 cups a day to ■■■■. I might not have a girlfriend but at least I have caffeine-induced anxiety and a headache.

If I drink coffee I feel anxious. So never really drink that much

Does Yerba Mate count?

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I love mate, probably healthier than coffee too. Doesnt fuck with digestion and the head.

Am milkcel


I do drink loads of coffee but it doesn’t really have anything to do with my (lack of a) sex life. There’s no more pleasant way to start your day than by sitting on a patio listening to songbirds and holding a hot cup of coffee. Although I like it black this is just a personal preference—not some quirk that I affect to seem hard lol. If I’m going to be reading or drawing I’ll always have a mug nearby.


You like it black?

Yeah, it’s quicker to prepare and if I’m drinking good coffee I prefer to taste the beverage itself rather than a bunch of sugar or milk.


I drink filter coffee with milk, if it’s espresso or something I’m fine with black too.


stop !

I do not want to develop a dependence on coffee or any drug for that matter.

Coffee is reserved only for when I am caught with sleep deprivation.

I also never drink it black. I also really like it with some honey in it.

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Coffee is also an aphrodisiac, often after drinking it you will feel the urge to fap (or fuck your girlfriend if you are part of the lucky privileged few)

Me too

I say this to myself every morning.

coffee causes mental illness. whenever i drink coffee i get a oneitus about a past girl from years ago who rejected me.

I need coffee every morning otherwise I’m in bitch mode all day.

almost everyday, at least 1 cup

Honestly the only thing that beats a good cup of coffee is weed

I don’t do weed. Just coffee in the morning. If I need a little extra then some chocolate squares will do.