Chronic teen fapping is first step to inceldom

Occasionally a very high iq thread surprises me from dot co forum (because it surprises me today, a year or 2 ago the place was full of high iq threads). One of them I saw today was this very high iq ■■■■■■■■■ that teen fapping is basically first step or first flag or marker of hard inceldom.

This is truth, hard ■■■■■■■■■■■ truth shit.

Another high iq quote from the thread was
“fapping is an admission that no ■■■■ wants to have sex with you”

Well like 98% of males masturbate, at least for teens.

I think I was a late bloomer… was more innocent than my peers. First time I did it, I was 14 going on 15. Of course, once I started, I got hooked on it.

Some element of truth to it, I suppose. I was way too shy to ever have any chance of asking someone out in person back then, and technically still never have to this day.

Or it could just be high sex drive.

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As a teen it’s definitely high sex drive

Yeah but Chad has his high sex drive taken care of, is the point

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One of the dumber things I’ve read on here. You can’t make an empirical claim like this without any data. Without looking into the issue further I would assume it’s bullshit since most teenage boys jack off constantly yet only a minority become incels.

Become? It’s the first step, all we’re saying

Fapping since 5 y/o.


Yes. Discovered it by accident. Didn’t even knew what I was doing, it’s just felt good. And I loved spanking myself on the ass while doing it.

Imagine video of this. Alot of dodgy pedos probably would have loved to

Also my point proven I dare say