Chadcentric society

we live in a chadcentric society.

i just saw a picture of Jesus and just realized Jesus is a chad. Women are taught by religion to only want chad.

But even ancient greek gods were depicted as chads. Actually all gods are depicted as either chad or femboys. If you are not blessed with chad or femboy genes its like you don’t exist and are invisible to women. Then women will bluepill or redpill you and act like being incel is somehow your fault.

So even if an incel like fucks up a few hypothetical chances to get laid its not really their fault, because making mistakes is to be expected and part of being human, its also to be expected that they fail when most people are brainwashed by 4th wave feminism to be cowardly losers that are afraid of social interactions. So its expected that incels are losers that make mistakes, its not really their fault if they are too shy to get laid or make a few stupid decisions, since the dating game is inherently rigged against males. Making stupid decisions is expected when the alpha males of society do not provide males with any useful advice on how to get laid or teach them positive social skills. A good analogy would be like blaming someone for losing at poker when they are dealt 97% bad hands but have 3% good hands, and blaming them for not utilizing the 3% of good hands they were dealt with.

So its like if an incel finds one good female on tinder but fucks up the date by lacking confidence or something, that doesnt suddenly prove bluepill insanity, because they may have had to wait 3 months and be ignored by thousands of females to even get to that point in the first place.