California seceding?

California wants to secede if Trump winning?

All the more reason to vote for trump. I see it as a win win. And I’m not really even a trump supporter, I’m just afraid of voting for a senile old man (Biden.)

I have some friends in california so I don’t want to say that all californians are bad, but thr idealogical differences of the Californian state makes California unfit to be an american state imo. Their secession is probably for the best of the United States.

Only reason to vote for trump is because he improved relations with north Korea and he’s a Russian agent.




Never swore any allegiance to anything therefore I could not be a traitor to anything.
Besides I rather not deal with degenerate america, like I said there is no hope for america. The only option is to let it die. A Country whose essence is for cheaters, hoes, pimps, drugs, Usury, Theft, and such to run wild and to be promoted is not a country worth investing in, much less swearing allegiance to.


Same can be said of communist countries.

And the war on drugs is a very corrupt american idealogy anyway.

You wont find quality of life in communism, as i said america sucks less.

The only countries that have better quality of life than america are some nordic socialist countries but i dont like paying high taxes. And especially not taxes for subpar american social programs that dont really increase quality of life.

here is what you get from de facto communism:

United Honks of the Circus is a Capitalist shitshow with Communists running amok inside of it.

Both Capitalism and Communism are bad systems but too many people don’t even recognize the existence of alternatives.

I prefer the name Divided States of America.

i think marx was a well meaning man but his book was written in a bad way (it was also co-authored by Engels) and has too much dogma. Some of the dogma is the idea that private property should be abolished and that socialism should be a stepping stone to Communism. Why cant we just stay at socialism and not have a stepping stone to Communism?

Furthermore, Communist countries dont even adhere to their own communist religion, since there is still a class divide between the elite and the lower class and the lower class has to obey the government anyway.

Fake communist countries are analogous to how america is fake capatalism with taxes up the wazzoo.

You can have your opinion and I can have mine.
I’m gonna do a short response to that video you shared.
If you take a cursory look outside you find the prefabricated buildings everywhere in the US. Even the supermarkets have the same layout. You can even get the same tubular locks that will unlock the lock of every AR-15 sitting in every cop car. You can also find that building codes have the exact same key that will get you to the penthouse of every building on every street block in America (hint: it’s fire code/emergency services). This is mass production and a characteristic for a industrialized country. All modes of production has elements that exist in it of the previous mode of production. Those comblocks were made a little under Khrushchev the corn man and some under Gorbachev the pizza hut man and are one of the things I didn’t like about them. Ubanism sucks and Pol pot was right to get everyone out to rural land.
The video provided misinformation. Notably “rebuilding industry” They did not have that type of industry in tsarist era in first place.

Only reason I’d vote Trump is for Trumpbuxx.

He’s an intensly unlikeable, uninspiring, and sociopathic leader.

Didn’t like him when he was a Democrat as well.

This is our only chance to get California to secede, so vote. The alternative is Biden, and he doesn’t really align to your values anyway.

What are trumpbuxx, and he only gave a measly stimulus to the poor (most of the money went to the rich). So thats a pretty flimsy reason given.

That $1200 or whatever it was was the most helpful thing in my life besides COVID.

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1200 is chump change to what the rich people got on Covid. The rich get richer and poor get poorer. Projected evictions are to reach 1/3rd of the population, the majority of people cannot get by with just a 1,200 check.

The stimulus was 6.2 trillion, so giving 1,200 to average americans is only less than half a trillion dollars…