By 2030 the United States will have the largest single female population ever

I’m playing the world’s smallest violin over here…

Single? Strange way of saying riding the Tinder Chad cock carousel.

I actually have a theory that fems are actually so sadistic that they will report they are single even if they clearly aren’t as they want to encourage even MORE useless and horny penises turning up and fucking up gender inbalance even more heavily in their favour.


It’s not ignoring an uncomfortable truth if the “truth” is mostly false. Women are going away from men in general, not flocking to chads.

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Women really have no choice but to be single here. Women are only attracted to men with talent, skill, confidence and power. The problem is women have been having children way to late and also the environmental toxins and poisons in the water and food essentially created a bunch of mentally retarded aspies and low IQ wastes like me.

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Women aren’t attracted to men, period (except for a handful of pretty boys and gigachads.)

“Be confident meme” is just a meme about getting a woman to feel horny and hazy for cock, in order so she can forget her disgust of men.


Let’s say women were more monogamous and there was no polygyny. Women would still be going their own way. I’m not “ignoring” a reality, I’m pointing out what is actually the problem here imho.

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it also depends what the report means by ‘‘single’’ if they mean not married, or not in a long term relationship this is true. This is happening because women are the majority of college graduates, becoming majority of small business owners, startup CEO’s, and pretty much all women are making over 60k per year while most men make less than 40k a year. Basically women are living on ez mode and fucking the best while holding out for billionaire BDSM chad for marriage.

How will roasties and femcels recover now with their lives literally flashing before their eyes? :ok_hand:

Modern females tend to be increasingly feminist and anti-natalist.

While on first glance anti-natalism seems to be an objective good, since the human race is mostly awful, it doesn’t seem like true anti-natalism. It just seems to be more like “big bad whitey=bad” so less first world kids and more africa dudes, because africa dudes are so good and shit and will lead to a better planet because big bad whitey narrative.
even though africans still sell each other into slavery, have wars constantly and are the harshest place in world for lgbts

Anti-natalism doesn’t work unless all countries abide by the castration.

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Anti-natalism is perverse, I am definitely not a subscriber of such a philosophy.

I think it’s very sad, pathetic, disgusting, and yet also very amusing that the neo-liberal west’s policies is surely to make it that only the African population will see global population growth while all other populations of the world are completely decimated. The absurdity of it all on full display.

I think anti-natalism is a blessing, but not so much a blessing in disguise but just a regular blessing.

I am not too fond of the human race and when it comes to the human population I believe in the idea of less is more.

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I see anti natalism as a perverse, sick, and twisted ideology that is anti life or otherwise anti human.

I am pro life and pro human.

Pro life and pro human seems a bit of a contradiction. Humans have an uncanny ability for destroying all life. I think roughly half of the worlds animal species went extinct in the past few decades due to human activity.

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That’s because of the batshit crazy governments we have, I believe in a better organized government structure than the one we have now. I’m not just ready to give up on all of humanity just yet. Although there are times where I want to every now and again.

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Yeah, I’m a recovering nihilist, I try to stay away from nihilistic thoughts if I can help it.

It’s a philosophical and meaningless dead end, I’m all about transcending our problems with reason or rationality. I was a nihilist for several decades, it’s an alienating, self defeating, and lonely place to be. I wasted my 20s with that kind of thinking, here I am at the age of 34.

A pessimist and cynic I may be but a nihilist I am not.

Oh I am neither a pessimist, cynic or nihilist lol

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Just checking, because sometimes you come across that way.

I’m not judging you by the way since I use to have similar thoughts myself.

ur ww3 threads seem pessimistic and nihilist to me tbh. I believe in calm and easy sterilization to reduce population, war is not needed.

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