Bunkers Bunkers Bunkers: Here When why and how

Bunkers and underground dwellings is the dwelling of the future. Protects the occupants from winds snow, heat, cold, extreme unlivable humidity, heat stroke, trenchfoot, frostbite, heavy physical trauma, the corona, chemical agents, and radiation. Forget the old prefabricated death traps they call “houses” that are put up on stilts and eight foot by four foot plywood, we have bunker. Installed with Yugoslavian designed AC unit when planned obsolescence wasn’t a thing. Natural and artificial insulation along with earthquake resistant construction. Have linked Ventilation, sewage, transportation and clean water with your peers through a cooperative civil project of bunkers. Don’t be stuck with a cargo container, silo, or other prefabricated piece of junk in today’s contemporary age. Plan and construct a village with like minded people. Have closed systems of life preserving processes such as a water treatment plan right underground. utilize more than solar or gasoline but thermal energy, nuclear fission or fusion, water power, gravity and so much more. Every man a king. Produce plants in protected climate controlled greenhouses protected from the harsh weather and climate outside. a partial embedded greenhouse helps insulate from outside climate many factors more better than a standard surface greenhouse. Produce fish and animals like the way they did it in Girls last tour. Automation is the key to a good life without undue stresses. People need space so it is a main objective for bunker planning in the future to optimize space for humans. In the past society it means to minimize space to the bare necessity but in the future optimize space means to maximize space for maximum luxury so life will turn out okay and non-claustrophobic.
Best yet if one is sick of underground one can simply go topside and experience the untouched natural vegetation and wildlife from above.

I’d live in a bunker. As long as I have all my necessities and personal space it makes no real difference where I live.

Are bunkers cheap to build by any chance?

It depends. Like always the cost of production is directly related to comfort level of the dweller. The lowest being those tunnels made by the VC during the civil war in Vietnam. The highest known example being the missile silos that the US Army engineer Corps made that were then transferred for use by the social elite via some luxury company. All of them are cramped in some way or another, but I believe that could be overcome. The big mining complexes that we have around the world has some really spacious tunnels. It won’t be so hard to try and to learn from those excavations and make really spacious underground dwellings. Underground basketball court, underground pool with a nice thick moon roof to see the night sky and so much more.

Farms are very large, embedded greenhouses will have a tough time competing with that. The greenhouse would have to be very large to feed everyone in the bunker. And the windows would have to be made out of some special material to block out gamma radiation but allow sunlight radiation to feed the plants, without this it defeats the whole purpose of an emergency bunker in the first place.