Boomer selfishness and millennial financial slavery

what is it with boomers and putting millennials in financial slavery?

first there’s the whole college debt thing…

It doesn’t effect me, but millions of millennials are basically beholden for life to boomers to the tune of 40-500k.

Then there’s mortgages, which are totally out of the price range of almost half of millennials. And to get one basically you adopt a huge line of debt to boomers that one will probably not be able to fully pay off.

Then there’s more personal stories. More recently a friend of mine was using Uber on his dads credit card in college, and his dad had approved the first few rides. After a while he racked up a debt on his dad’s card that his dad could fully afford. Where is the kid now? Why of course he is a serf in his dad’s house. Working for years to pay off a small uber debt because he doesn’t have a good job. And his parents continually threaten to press legal charges. So on he slaves

It’s true that everyone at some point needs to try their best to pull their weight and not whine. But this boomer generation does NOT want to give up their stuff to us and it’s weird. Is this the first generation to do this?

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With you with the housing thing at least.

I wonder what living alone would do to me. It was mildly empowering but it didn’t last very long for reasons.

What didn’t happen was that I suddenly became hyper-responsible and adultlike. I mostly was the same, even during times it seemed like I could be homeless

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Yeah, they’re jack asses.

My uncle had an electric bike. My Boomer aunt came and took it for herself, when she already had an electric bike (that didn’t work or something) and of course a driver’s license and multiple vehicles. Meanwhile I get nothing.

It’s like this with Boomers. They’d rather go on that one extra cruise than financially assist their Millenial descendants. They look at their Millenial children that are two or three times more educated than themselves, yet making way less money or not even employed, and think it’s perfectly normal.

A Boomer father will cuck and give money away to a 15 year old hoe instead of a 27 year old son.

There’s something seriously wrong with them. I find almost all of them are just ass ■■■■■.


As for that post, I don’t believe in any given age for achieving independence. The longer someone is a student, certainly, the higher the age would be acceptable.

However, that being said, I’d never go deep into debt just to prematurely achieve independence. Going into debt is low IQ. There is literally nothing wrong with mooching off Boomer and Boomer-lite parents, while saving and/or making investments of your own, as they and society as a whole have failed and are making things worse for us. So we, in turn, shall be ass ■■■■■ and “play the meta” so-to-speak. I do not pay for the mistakes of others and I certainly won’t accept crushing debt at any point.

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I’m so with you on the college debt issue. Higher education is in a ridiculous state right now. I have an M.A and owe nearly 100k in debt. I work a job that requires that degree and only make 30k a year, live in a one-bedroom apartment in a cheap (ie less safe) part of the city.

It’s absolutely absurd how much education costs.

My younger sisters who did not go to college fare a lot better than me financially. One of them is a homeowner already at only 28. Both work jobs that make around the same that I do and neither has ever taken a college course.

But I fully bought into the idea that going to college would set me up for success. Plus, I always liked school, so I think I wanted to believe in that myth.

We live in a country that actually punishes people for trying to better themselves. It shouldn’t be that way. There’s absolutely no reason for college to be so expensive. Most professors don’t even make a large salary. I’m trying to break into adjunct teaching right now and if I’m able to secure a position, I’ll make between 2-3k per course, per semester. I’m ‘friends’ with a lot of people in admin roles at universities, so I know the vast majority of professors are adunct. The money isn’t going to the professors.

Higher education has become an incredibly for-profit institution, all while being subsidized by tax payers. That’s crazy. They make an enormous profit and many are able to retain a non-profit status by putting all that money back into the university (through admin salaries, fancy sports arenas, new dorms, etc).

College debt shouldn’t cripple people for life. It’s so un-American to punish people for trying to better themselves. We need some real reform in higher ed. I think the first step is for the American taxpayer to stop subsidizing these universities. They’re doing just fine and shouldn’t be receiving any taxpayer money. That’s only fueling the problem.


Not to mention some of that taxpayer money goes to Gender Studies. People are literally paying for not education, but corruption of the youth.

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Yup. My undergrad was in Creative Writing and my M.A was in English lit and half my studies were focused on gender stuff :confused:

It’s awful.

Like Franz Kafka is one of my favorite writers. His story The Metamorphosis is just about a guy who turns into a giant cockroach. Typical magical realism. I had a professor rant for about 40 minutes about how this symbolic of body disphoria…that kind of nonsense was pushed on me for the almost 10 years I spent in academia.

Taxpayers are funding the indoctrination of students into feminist Marxist ideologies, and I’m not exagerrating. I had to reference the actual Communist Manifesto when reading multiple works, from Joseph Conrad to flipping Toni Morrison :confused:


Yeah I can verify this is all true.

Psychology wasn’t too bad although many of the profs clearly had something against males, but I took electives as well and Sociology may as well just be renamed to Conflict Studies as its basically the only paradigm that seems to matter… somehow Feminism is a “fourth paradigm” even though it’s just a variant of Conflict Theory.

Teacher’s Education was so much worse. We spent more than half our time on LGBTQ+, white privilege/oppression, feminism, etc. I’ll never take another course riddled with this crap ever again and it’s a massive relief, at least.

It feels like Math is the only escape from these ideologies when it comes to academia.

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Higher ed must be really annoying for males :confused: All the feminism is annoying enough to me as a female.

Give them time lol They’ll get to math.

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Yeah, it’s the reason I intend to enjoy it while it lasts. I feel like they get to everything right at the worst timing for me.

And yeah, it’s definitely one of the reasons that fewer males are attending university. That and the fact that it isn’t worth the cost, not nearly as much as it used to be.

Funny thing is I took a few Economics electives too (some of my favourite courses out of them all), and even the professors would admit that the marginal benefit of a Master’s degree for males is neutral (near zero) and the marginal benefit of a PhD for males is actually negative. For Bachelor’s it was positive for both males and females, but this is probably because employers arbitrarily refuse to hire people without them, even if the degree isn’t related. Like it’s become a default minimum requirement before even being considered.

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Oh, that’s really interesting that getting a PhD has a negative effect.

It is really strange to me that there are so many scholarships for females, when the higher education gap actually works in womens’ favor. I think that gap is something that needs to be talked about a lot more. It starts back in high school. The majority of high school drop outs are male.

There are studies showing that high school teachers (mainly female teachers) grade males more harshly for the same schoolwork.

I’ve been to a couple high school graduations recently. 80% to 100% of honor students (depending on the particular designation) are generally female. Most essay awards have to do with things like “violence against women” and other female-centric topics… unsurprisingly, all 5 of the students who got called up for best essays on that were female. I just saw very few males on that stage in general, except for when everyone was receiving their diploma.

High school graduations are starting to look like places to go to celebrate the achievements of female students, and the male students are just kind of there.

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I believe it. This is all really sad :frowning:

People should all be given a fair shot regardless of gender. That isn’t the case anymore though. And most people believe this fiction that women are so oppressed. I feel very bad for young males trying to navigate the world of education :confused:

It really depends what you go to school for, and how driven you are. Before doing a program you should look at the job opportunities and what the pay scale is for the job and what back up opportunities are available as well for cross over. Never just jump into a program unless you just like a course and not expecting anything from it. I worked throughout school and paid for everything myself, no loans, no debts. I’m in my mid twenties and a home owner. It all depends on what the program is and how driven you are. I worked hard in school to network, work and constantly moving up the ladder and building my resume.

Some programs are absolutely more useful than others. I still don’t think the high cost of higher ed is justified though. And I wouldn’t say that people who fail are necessarily not working as hard. I mean, I’m a pretty hard worker and college didn’t really work out for me. I networked in college. I wrote for my college paper, went to national journalism conferences, had one of my articles referenced by a major mainstream publication, went to fiction writer’s conferences and pitched agents, transcribed videos for a small television station, and I did all that while working full-time for Home Depot. Hard work is great, but it doesn’t always set people up for success.

I don’t exactly regret getting my degrees, because I wouldn’t know how to write books if I hadn’t gone to college for it. I never would have become a ghostwriter, which prepared me to write my own books. So I’m glad for what I learned.

But there’s no reason a degree should set anybody back that far. And it’s absolutely criminal that so many jobs require advanced degrees beyond a Bachelor’s, all while paying less than I used to make as a manager at Home Depot.

It sounds like you’re less jaded with the system because it worked out for you. I’m really glad that it did. But I’m sticking with my original argument: college tuition is out of control and a job market that requires these pricey degrees but doesn’t compensate fairly for them is not a tenable system.

You’re right that people should work hard and do their research before getting a degree. But I think it’s also true that colleges inflate costs and don’t deserve to be subsidized by the taxpapyer. Subsidizing higher education is greatly harming students and setting them back in life.

It’s not easy. I worked 5 jobs at a time just to get full hours and overtime to be able to pay for my school and living costs. It is expensive and not really affordable, I did work 5 jobs to pay for it. I would work 16 hr shifts back to back easily. Not all jobs pay well. I’ve taken professional jobs and been paid next to nothing maybe $2 over minimum wage while requiring a degree. It sucks but it’s a stepping stone. I worked them for a few years to build my resume and get experience. The difference is that I kept applying for better jobs and kept moving up. I know a lot of people making next to nothing but have a lot more experience than I do but they just didn’t apply to other jobs. However I would agree that professional jobs do need to pay a liveable wage

All jobs should pay a living wage. By this I mean enough for the cheapest rent, and food.

Forcing people to go into debt just to acquire a living wage? There’s really no difference between that and slavery.

Not everyone should be going to University. It wasn’t meant to be that way, and was reserved for intelligent people, not average people. You let everyone into University? Great, now a Bachelor’s Degree in 2020 is worth the same as a High School degree in 1980. Then add in how wages don’t keep up with inflation and it’s clear our standard of living is falling overtime, not improving.

Also, the fact of the matter is that Universities are anti-male. Why else are they constantly trying to shove the concept of ‘rape culture’ down the throats of adult males?

My University has reported multiple student suicides this year, prior to COVID as well. What I find interesting is that they tend to omit the gender of the student. Probably all of them are male.

If I had to work like a slave while attending school AND being hated by everyone AND incel, I might have killed myself too by now.

I’m sure everyone is tired of you bragging about how much of a workaholic conformist you are. Get off your fucking high horse.

Maybe it’s easier to be so deeply engaged in this society when practically everyone kisses your ass for being born the correct gender, but for those of us less fortunate you can quit flexing now.

Working 5 jobs having no social life isn’t a brag or flex