"Blackpill Science"

Why blackpill science is dumb

Don’t really need any studies.

Just use a dating app. Bla ck pill process completed within months.

So scientific articles are bad because you don’t agree with the results? Hmmm…

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With regards to that, we’re not against science and are working on this


its probably more of a greypill, there is some true to bluepill, redpill and blackpill

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that article seems to be bending the truth

the article says swingers are cucks, but swingers are not cucks.

first of all you have to survey marriages that are not sexless marriages, since those will decrease the survey results of that. Second, in order for swingers to be cucks, you have to measure the amount of swingers that have sex with other people instead of just swingers that have sex with one wife while everyone else has sex with her too.

I agree

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