Black pillers are just heretical feminists, and feminists want a cookie cutter "bad guy"

Feminists amplify blackpillers because the ‘black pilled’ incel forums portray incels as heretical feminists. They don’t actually challenge feminist, but rather become their cookie cutter ‘bad guy’.

In that the blackpillers buy all the bluepilled feminist narratives about “patriarchy” being good for men, men having subjugated women before 1900 etc…

And also btw most blackpillers are literally just culture warriors, and nothing else. The ‘tradcon’ ones who talk about getting a tradcon wife and total hypocrites who have no intention on getting a job once they bamboozle some conservative woman.

they’re just doomers who like to focus on celibacy

doomers aren’t fun or productive or good tbh ppl

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Aren’t these necessary? I mean, status quo isn’t any good for the vast majority of males.