Bisexual autismcel and done with NTs

Well, I used to be bisexual until some extremely bad experiences with women. Now I’ve lost all interest in them.

It doesn’t matter what gender I pursue, doesn’t matter what gender I am either. I’m not neurotypical, and that’s enough to make everyone automatically assume that nobody would ever want to marry me or have sex with me. Unless I somehow “earn” sex (something that I believe EVERYONE is entitled to) by performing NT behavior convincingly enough.
It disgusts me that so many people act as though aspie traits are universally undesirable, or romantically/sexually “inferior” to NT ones. I prefer the company of my own neurotype, and am convinced through experience that only another aspie could comprehend my needs and limits well enough to sustain a romantic relationship with me.
Gay men have been sort of horrible to me for being autistic, in the same way that women were, plus the shaming I got for being a total top while androgynous. (How dare I!) Fem4Fem is treated like a social death sentence and that infuriates me. I suspect that I would not be an incel if it weren’t for the undue amount of hatred and censure towards men who aren’t Chads. I am deadset on doing something—anything—to get rid of this bedpost-notch hierarchy. Let’s be honest…the guys who get laid the most don’t tend to be the most stellar moral exemplars around. I’m not going to enable their bs anymore. They are the sexually entitled ones—entitled to a dating market with only people they consider attractive in it, entitled to have everyone be attracted to them, entitled to greater respect and esteem because they’ve had a lot of nonmarital sex. It’s a rigged market with an artificial monopoly. There are no alternatives to Chad because he pulls strings to make them unavailable.
I want another aspie male to be my husband/voluntary permanent indentured sex worker (what. Don’t kinkshame. It’s a thing. Back in the old days they used to call it marriage.) This will never happen because the stupid bedpost notch hierarchy has made it more difficult than ever to obtain this type of life partnership. There is bias against dominant men who don’t fit the image everyone expects, i.e, getting called abusive for things that are overlooked in more stereotypical dominants. It’s an orientation imho, not an honor or distinction to be earned by expressing proper dommliness. Some people have to be because their boundaries are higher. But again, this misnomer is 100% attributable to Chad-worship.
Oh, I almost forgot. I’m against enthusiastic consent laws because under them, I can’t give consent! Enthusiasm is not my natural reaction, and I prefer to act stoic in bed. Therefore, my consent is considered invalid and I can never get laid without lying or forcing myself to do things that feel bad. Enthusiasm is a huge turn off to give and receive, even in my thoughts, even in the explicit video material I watch.
I don’t revile the SMV hierarchy because I’m am incel, I’m an incel because I revile the SMV hierarchy. I am no longer ashamed of being on the spectrum, so this is not empty ■■■■. This hierarchy has nothing to offer me or a sane healthy society, other than tears and destruction. If they cannot stand the sight of the supposed universal undesirables finding outlets for those desires, then they could at least cease obstructing the operations of alternative dating markets.

No one is entitled to sex in the USA, except in legal brothels maybe after you pay, but I think they can still refuse for any reason, not sure.

Now whether or not you think people should be entitled to sex is a different question. I think people should but aren’t currently.