Biden will force Americans to wear masks with brutal force


To quote Palpatine: do it.

Your post got caught up in spam cuz you typed so fast as a first post, should be good now.

Also there goes my Biden vote. Fuck him, no. Nope. nono.

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really going after the boomer vote huh?

well they are who decide elections…

It’s a gif I like to use of him saying gif. Dunno if I can link it so I won’t.

I’m fine with the mask mandate tbh. I work with a bunch of people who don’t use them despite ALL customers basically using them. It’s awkward.

oh that’s a good forum
gave you link/image perms


I don’t care anymore. I have to wear a mask anyhow. Other people keep walking into my space so they should have wear a mask.

the left: complains trump is totalitarian

biden: i will market my campaign strategy to the left as totalitarian

biden: not wearing masks will be illegal

also biden: says “not wearing masks will be illegal” while his mask is on his neck and his mouth is not being covered by his mask