Bem Sex-Role Inventory Test

What do you get on the Bem Sex-Role Inventory test? Just curious. It groups people into masculine, feminine, androgynous, and undifferentiated. Curious how people lean here gender-wise.

Dis is what I got, “undifferentiated”, which means neither masculine nor feminine.



Curious what other people got, undifferentiated
Here is the test

This test is bullshit. Not wanting to join the military doesn’t make you less masculine, not does enjoying dancing. These are just stereotypes. The test doesn’t mean anything. These are my results:

I seem to remember taking this test a few months ago. don’t remember what thread it was.
this is what I got.

There’s a more involved test I took awhile back that rates you on a butch/femme spectrum. It’s designed for lesbians, but I think all of the questions are gender neutral so anyone can take it. I scored almost exactly in the middle.

I’m MtF transgender, but I also have Asperger’s and people have said that autistic women are more like men in certain regards so I think that’s why I have some traits that are more masculine.

This Bem Sex-role test is kind of stupid, but I think there is truth about men and women being predisposed to certain things.


Took this test awhile ago here and pretty sure I just got masculine.

@john, the military is masculine, this is not a false stereotype. The test is somewhat accurate because it also has a variety of factors, to create a weighted average, for instance, it does not say all people in the military are more masculine than they are feminine, but that it simply contributes to masculinity. So for instance, you might achieve a feminine test score, while still having military fantasies.