Being part of this community is important to me

I used to think I was the biggest loser in the world, the only young man not having sex and struggling to live a normal life.

Some time ago I was presented the “concept” of being an incel and I slowly learned about this subculture, until I eventually decided to join some incel-related forum – this one.

Now I know I’m not alone. I still have all my problems of course, but at least I know there’s a bigger picture and I can hang out with other incels and exchange life experiences.

If I ever have sex again you guys will be the first ones to know.


I’m here everyday now because a part from video games, pornography, college, reading, or waiting for world war III and total economic collapse I have nothing better to do.

That, and I revel in the tears of feminists or $fee-males$ everywhere.

You’re cool bruh, we’re all social pariahs now but at least we can have some cool bants while being such.

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idk it kinda feels like just preachin to the choir. Like are we really giving enlightenment to the normies or no. But if we post anywhere else we will be banned instantly by normies. So much for the idea of an enlightened, scientific and open-minded society that will hear out new ideas.

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We need to have a place where angry feminists and f-oids can rant, cry, or complain.

It certainly would make things interesting around here and make up for some fun arguments or debates. I jerk off to angry feminists, not as good as actual sex to be sure but I still get off on it. It makes my pee-pee real hard.

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