Been telling people I've been going to get a cat, for about a year, so I can stop whining about being lonely

Grew up with cats most of my life but we had to stop because of others allergies. Prefer them to dogs.

Probably going to find a Siberian because the others who live in my house are allergic.

Not gonna give constant updates about it though

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Get a CAT! XD

They are the best animals.

My cat runs right up to me every day when I get home and he snuggles me constantly while I’m writing. They have so much personality.


I like dogs personally, but having a pet does lower stress levels quite a bit :slight_smile:


I love dogs. Whenever I’m stressed I just watch a cute dog nose on insta or any other site I can find and feel better(no joke they really calm me a lot). Happy dogs running around let me feel better. I especially like Samojede. Cats are cool too tho but I like dogs more.

Get a cat! They are so cute


Don’t have the patience to deal with a pet. Cat is more likely than a dog, which are really needy. Could not imagine dealing with a kid, but given my situation no fear about that.