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I was going to block you here too, but guess what, it turns out your fucking female privilege (which you repeatedly REFUSE to acknowledge) giving you easy mod status is literally preventing me from even doing that.

I have no idea what your even talking about. You are so illogical and make absolutely no sense. You message me venting about stuff that has nothing to do with me and self trigger yourself and then blame me for nothing when you can’t manage your own emotions or feelings. I don’t even respond to you when you get like that and you keep venting/messaging me triggering yourself. I haven’t personally done anything to you but you’ve made me to be some target or cause for you feeling the way you do. I’m sorry that you have the struggles that you do, I’ve tried to empathise with you and be there for you. You don’t want me to be there for you and that’s fine but you need to regulate your emotions and not accuse me of stuff I never even said. I’m aware I have privileges. You just make me to be an enemy in your head.

Nah it’s just a bunch of passive-aggressive bull shit, same as all females. I see through it even though third party observers may not, so you take advantage of that and call me illogical for acting on a different and higher level of awareness.

It all has to do with you because you are female, and above all a feminist. You are of no use to incels anywhere. You don’t understand what causes incel and you don’t know what needs to be done to address it. It would be better if you never even existed, since your advice is harmful and stupid bluepilled nonsense. You are incapable of admitting you are wrong about anything, even in topics you know nothing about. You literally come into incel communities and act like you know more about male inceldom than every fucking person that frequents here, even the best of the best. You’re so God Damn ignorant that you, briefly, acted surprised when trying to use a dating app as myself and failing miserably. Then went right back to being a know-it-all. Your knowledge is basically limited to medicine/biology, and you don’t understand jack shit about much more relevant subjects to the incel problem, such as history, sociology, and economics.

Everything bad females do, you just excuse as their biology. Yet we bring up anything to do with male biology (whether it has to do with expressing anger or expressing sexuality) and you do the cliche bluepilled normie thing and dismiss it all as abhorrent. You’re a hypocrite governed by exactly what your educators tell you to believe, who are themselves hypocritical, gynocentric, and misandrist.

I haven’t been passive aggressive towards you. Quite the opposite. I’ve listened to you for over a year. I’ve listened to you call me names and be mean to me and yet I’ve never “ghosted” you or blocked you. I’ve tried to understand your points and be there for you. I even asked if you wanted to meet in person to which you were insulting.

You make all these judgements against me but you’ve never actually asked me about me or what I believe in. I believe in equality. I don’t believe in special treatment and I don’t act like I know better or am better. The app experiment didn’t fail. You had matches and messages but like everything else none of them were good enough for you.

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You conveniently leave out the fact that all of those matches happened to be more or less the same shit; the worst that the apps had to offer. Bottom tier trash that no one else wants either, except for the Fat Alberts on there (which is fair enough, except those Fat Alberts are getting rejected ruthlessly by those same “nice” females). They were all blatantly ugly, and everyone here agreed they were. The ones that I did like were just Beckies, but they still ignored/ghosted. Why no other 6/10s? Why not even anything close to it? Why ZERO Looksmatches to choose from? Just obese and/or otherwise ugly females that any parent would look at funny as in “seriously?” And even if it wasn’t just the fact they were ugly, it’s easy to see that they are also not “good” females. Assuming a female is “good” because she is ugly is a huge fallacy. Many of these females have a chip on their shoulder because they are angry about never having Chad. For example, in addition to her relative lack of attractiveness, Michaela looks like either a false rape allegation case or a divorce case just waiting to happen, and you would lead a male right to his doom encouraging that shit.

The fact you find that acceptable and blame me for rejecting those beneath my looksmatch (even though that’s literally all I had, and just barely had anything at all) shows that you endorse female entitlement. You believe that females are entitled to those above their looksmatch, which is not equality. It doesn’t matter what you say directly; what matters is what is implied by your actions, because actions always speak louder than words. ESPECIALLY for females, who are never direct about anything.

Your view of the world is about as stable as the way you rate, since someone’s rating can go up or down by multiple points just based on how you feel about them in the moment. This barely even qualifies as a mindset; it’s precisely the reason nobody should take anything a female says seriously.

You disagree with me on everything because society has granted you an inflated level of self importance as a female, scholar, and conformist. You are entrenched in this society as a normie, and allow your bias in favour of it to permeate all your arguments. The reason my viewpoint is of lesser or non-existent bias is because I am critiquing it from the outside; generally speaking, criticisms from that angle are known to be far more objective.

I know how ridiculously ignorant females are about this problem. And I know that their brains simply do not permit them to care in the slightest about male sexual poverty. Even female family members act as if there is not the slightest issue at all with the way things are, even as the males in the family are increasingly isolated and driven to inceldom by a society that is deadset against them.

I don’t accept your retarded worldview and I never will. You are wrong, always will be wrong, and the future will prove you more and more wrong. That’s precisely how this is going to go down. Stop saying you believe in equality when you just mean a very specific kind of equality that primarily serves the interests of females. Did you not admit that feminism was mainly for females despite the trouble males are faced with today? Just stop fucking lying, CONSTANTLY lying, for fuck’s sake.

Nonsense. U have not defeated blackpill.

You found him a few 3s and 4s. One 6. And you said the 6 ghosted him anyway.

He is a chadlite so obviously blackpill is real. If dating equality existed he’d be getting hundreds of 7s or more.

But yes theoretically chadlite can get a couple of 4s after waiting a while. Would be getting thousands of 4s if dating equality existed.

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Honestly whether any single one of them were 4s is highly debatable.

In this video, around 1:17:00, there’s a female that looks like a solid 4, if not slightly higher. She’s not quite average, but she’s also not quite ugly. 0% of the females that Love found were equal to her or better. They all looked worse. And they all had boring (or near empty) profiles on top of it. And Love didn’t accomplish anything. I could have found 3s myself, so the results are pointless and a failure: Random September Stream - YouTube

That guy is a 4 himself. The only reason that guy got a 4 female is because he statusmaxxed on Youtube. Which also proves males have zero inherent value, since he outranks me just because he’s quasi-famous and for no other reason.

Blackpill is completely confirmed at this point, and the fact that I should be expected to accept such bottom-tier garbage proves it. I swear, Love actually felt more bad for the females I didn’t want, than me myself for having zero access to any female that I got to find even remotely attractive. What I want doesn’t fucking matter because I’m just a lowly male. I hate this fucking attitude; it shows which gender is entitled. ZERO females that are even remotely attractive or interesting to me, even WITH my much lower standards.

well i dont want to call anyone garbage for just being born with bad genes, but ye.

They are trash for refusing to accept their looksmatches and being entitled to more.

I’d be scum too if I just kept demanding GigaStacy and nothing else.

u are chadlite so u deserve at least a 6 or 7. but u cant even get that for some reason.

and females are supposedly less visual than males, yet get prime pickins of the most prime good lookin males. So there is definitely not equality yet.

Plus, males with good looks genes like u women dont seem to be interested in. So its clear women are not interested in males with good genes, besides ultra chads.

in the future id like males to be turned into anime girls with big dicks, they might not have breasts but flat chest but look like anime girls. females will approach them from behind with their soft hands giving them handjobs and blowjobs. there will be no more incels and males will just have confidence and everyone will get along. its not degeneracy because theres not gonna be a bunch of buttsex with the males. its not degeneracy to kiss another male if they are hot and look like an anime girl, its just stickin the pp into the poophole is like stinky and unsanitary. cleanliness is next to godliness.


otherwise its just same moid society of macho moids getting rejected then reading redpill all day learnin how to pick up chicks. instead of having real confidence from within. pic of what i mean of macho moids having to develop artificial confidence

our current society has it so men have to go to the gym everyday for 5 hours, then work as a CEO for 5 hours then read redpill books 5 hours every day except the weekends. And also they just look angry and serious too.

I don’t want to be turned into an anime girl. I like being macho.

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Dam, you made a Tinder for him and even got him matches. And STILL he complains.

I tells ya alot of incels really don’t do themselves favours with negative image of themselves. Tbh you gotta kinda understand where guys like IncelTears are coming from :joy:

I said it way beforehand. They must be at least a 4 or higher. 4 is low tier normie. Not be a disgusting landwhale that is way below average.


Nobody here is incel if you just discount Looksmatch completely. Go and date a fucking 1 then and stop whining yourself.

That was 1 of the matches?

Were the results posted here? Link please, if so

Results might be somewhere buried in Discord messages, or a Discord group I left a long time ago.

All of them were way overweight, with fat hanging from their arms. Starlord didn’t consider any of them attractive either. I already said they were all ugly.

Also IncelTears are a bunch of cocksuckers and I’d strangle them dead if I knew there were no repercussions for it.

They have no justification for existing. They believe ugly, fat females are entitled to everything while short, balding males get nothing.

I need pics friends. I’ve dated fatties, I have, and I’ve been happy to do it. You know why? Because I’m a legit incel, like legit definition of the word.

Many incels are volcels OK I get it. But I hope those same volcels aren’t going around saying hurr durr femcels don’t exist because I hate hypocrisy, I do, I hate hypocritical idiots.

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