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A valid point. I was happier being homeless than living under the tyranny of a single mom, when I was homeless I would stay at friends houses and play videogames. And when my parents were together I couldn’t sleep because they would always yell at each other.

I think the problem with Communism it forgets the whole point of Communism, which is living in a commune, or small village. Cities are the exact opposite of the word Communism. Big gov is also the exact opposite of the word communism.

While the “traditional” nuclear family was far superior to nothing at all, I do believe extended families are in fact the most superior of arrangements discussed. It is almost as if the nuclear family was a transitory state between the natural state of extended families and the unnatural state of dysfunctional/non existent families.

Extended families are in fact the best answer to solve the cost-of-living problem forced upon the population without requiring the government to do anything at all. It would also complement arranged marriages as well. Such a widespread adoption of these arrangements could prevent a collapse, but we know it is coming anyway, and nobody is high IQ enough to swallow their pride and embrace it for assuming it is “primitive” or “backwards.”

@DarthDva, that is the distinction between Primitive Communism and Marxist Communism. The reason Primitive Communism works is because an extended family or small village is basically what it looks like. Humans can only function well under that system if they know each other personally; tribalism runs deep and is very natural. For whatever his insane reasoning was, Marx believed that a system that worked well on a Micro scale would be even better if ran on a Macro scale even though, in the Macro scale case, personal relationships are a non factor and assures its failure.

I think Marx got a bad name and a lot of modern marxism is not even close to the vision of communism he had in mind. Engels lived longer than marx and so engels made lots of edits to his books. Then in the 50’s marxism changed even more. I think what you claim he said is really the exact opposite of his views, he was against wage slavery and corporatism and praised following human instincts and embracing inner humanity.

You’re right, some men are weak or evil. These ones are going to be bad dads and bad husbands. If marriage lasted forever as it used to do, both men and women would care a lot more on who they choose for a LTR. Women would prefer strong and wise men, so men would try to be strong and wise. Darwinism in its best.

Is it? It isn’t where I live (I’m not from the US). Note that life-long marriages are a fundamental piece for the puzzle. This current abundance of opportunities for LTR makes people (especially women) less concerned with creating/preserving a good and healthy family. So even if they do get into a marriage and have kids, they won’t do their best for the family because they see it as a disposable thing.

When people finally re-learn how important the father-morher-children arrangement is and how much love we get from this, they will naturally give more value to other family members (grandparents, uncles etc). People need to love. When people don’t love they become animals as we see today. And love comes from family.

Not sure how this will help incels. Women are already picky as is, you are saying they will be even pickier.

When relationships are meant to least forever, women start to look for qualities that we, incels, can offer. Physical beauty would be less important, while subjective qualities would receive more attention. I’m not saying incels wouldn’t exist tho.

While I don’t believe that incel is fully caused by money, I would say the majority of incels still are poorcels and most women would look for someone with more confidence, social status and financial success as a long term.

On a side note, Japan has the world’s most incel. A few decades ago it had a financial miracle and became very rich. But has the world’s most amount of incel.

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My ideal family for society.

stacy with chad.

Helga with Erik.

Draconian laws in place assuring the reproductive and fertility well being of the nation is kept in check…

Compulsory communities forcing people to socially interact with one another and a whole host of centrally planned community public projects.