Autism = Incel, but Cure Confirmed



Most philipines are incels, because incel is a condition inherent to the human species. That is why so many philipine males upgrade themselves to shemales. Women are chadsexuals, phillipines males are not chads, also phillipines males are poor that is why they are incels.

The point of the meme is that you go to different countries and how incel you are can vary quite significantly even if you do absolutely nothing to “change your [apparently terrible] personality.”

This dispels the notion that incel is the individual’s fault rather than the fault of the society/culture they are stuck in.

What is universally true though is that females are pretty fucked up and seem to hate local males more than foreigners pretty much everywhere.

The reason is because most females are white supremacists who prefer white males, and their major preference is white chads. This was already proven on studies on dating sites and is apparent if you are a white foreigner visiting other countries. The second reason women prefer foreign tourists to their own race is because foreigners usually have more dollars and are also more exotic and novelty. If the foreigner was actually born and raised in the country then they would probably be incel. There is also a 3rd reason, most white countries have cucced laws, so visiting a foreign country suddenly feels uncucked which creates a sense of sexuality being easier, for example in uncucked countries prostitution is legal.

I hate to burst the bubble here but the reason for that is simple. When you travel to many third world countries you are seen as been superior often. Ummmmm usually because they see you with money and having lots of it. You may not have much in your home country but abroad you’d have a lot of it when it’s converted. Therefore your status would be high status because your money is worth more and so is education and quality of things and resources you have access too comparably. It’s the same as when I travel. I get treated like I’m the queen usually.

The fact you don’t already believe you are worshipped in Canada is a sign of some peculiar insanity.

Then I would assume guys would be asking me out and wanting to marry me.