Attending College

That feeling you get when you realize you’re an average B and C student at college just barely holding on trying to pass the semester…



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This is the first time for me attending college having been out of school for fifteen years, it’s fucking brutal stuff and I really suck at testing or exams.

You have to write and remember entire scientific mathematical notations where if you’re off by one number or line on the testing you’re fucked.

I really underestimated how truly hard and overwhelming all this stuff was going to be when I started this program. If I could do it all over again I would of done things much differently. So far I’m hanging in there.

What’s your program again?

What courses are you taking?

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Journeyman electrician.


What’s your course codes/list for this semester?

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I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking for.

The names of the courses you are currently in this semester, Winter 2020.

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I’m hoping to pass this semester. I got a license exam coming up in April where I have the opportunity to join an apprenticeship this summer making $5000.00 monthly.

I just cum in my pants thinking about all that money I could be making in the summer.

It would be the most amount of money I have ever made in my entire life.

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I’m getting the fuck out of my program in April, as in it ends.

I’ve been doing the university grind since like 2013, sucks balls. At least your path pays off relatively quickly should you succeed.

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Are you in Community College or College/University?

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Three year course, on my last year and a half now.

Community college.

Best of all, if I do well in my first couple of years concerning my on the job training I can go back to school for an additional four years and get paid $75,000.00 a year working on wind turbines. [Since everybody is obsessed with green energy these days.]

I also have zero college debt attending school on a state scholarship. I just need to pass the next two semesters though…


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Over the past couple of days I’ve been thinking about how women and people in general are going to treat me differently having a lot of money. I don’t like that at all because I think it is bullshit. Even if I do become very wealthy overtime I will never forget all these miserable years of excruciating poverty that I have been forced to endure and I will just become a wealthy advocate for the poor everywhere having come from a background of poverty myself.

That’s the kind of shit you can never forget having gone through it all once just walking away from.

I’m sure women will treat me differently having a bunch of money and it’s probably going to cause me to resent them even more increasing my overall contempt.

“You never paid any attention to me when I was poor, miserable, and struggling but now that I have all this money with my new occupation you all of a sudden want to get to know me or treat me like a human being after the fact.”

What a fucking joke and giant crock of shit…


its a garbage world, most humans are miserable and the school system itself is a crock of shit. I spent 14 years in school having a miserable time, being told what to do, how to dress, bullied by students, and getting 2 hours of homework every day.

Its like you work for 9 hours a day, as a slave, but don’t even get paid a cent. Thats what children are given in their first moments of experience of the world. Right after they are circumcised of course.


I think being an advocate for homelessness is great! I try to do what i can. I made cute gift bags for people who were homeless with toiletries, bottled water, snacks, some mini chocolates and instant coffee mix and a note telling them that I loved them.

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I would definitely become an advocate for poor low income and homeless men.

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Good! There’s a lot of them and they need our help

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They need help understanding the general ugliness or deprived nature of women and females everywhere that view men only as money resources to squeeze.

In my own economic upward trajectory of social mobility I won’t be forgetting that brutal lesson at all.

That wasn’t really what I had in mind…