Asexual or aromantic

I am accepting and inclusive of all genders and sexualities, I accept those who are male, female, third-gender, non-binary, or identify as no gender. I accept bi women, pansexual women, lesbians. However I cannot say that I approve of asexual or aromantic type women.

I believe asexual/aromantic is just a form of narcissism, it is just someone who litterally incapable of loving or lusting for another person. Aromantic is just generic narcissism, but asexual takes it a step further, usually narcissists are capable of loving themselves but asexuals litterally are incapable of loving even themselves or any human being for that matter. Asexuals/aromantics just increase the amount of incel in society and lead to a loveless society. I believe that asexual is permissive for truecels who really gave up on dating, but overall should not be promoted too heavily as a cultural thing.

Uhh… that’s not what an asexual is. An asexual is just someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction towards other people. They tend to not care about sex. Like a heterosexual man might look at a hot woman and be like “I’m sexually attracted to that” and then the asexual man might be like “I just think that staring is rude” where as another heterosexual man might be like “Yeahhhh - dat ass bro!” Like it has nothing to do with narcissism.

Topic title says “asexual or aromantic”. And here you are discussing asexuals only. Tisk tisk.

I wish I was both asexual and aromantic. Better to feel nothing than feel horrible.