Are most incels late bloomers?

Was thinking about this the other day.

A couple of people I’ve known that were sexually active younger than average also looked quite a bit older (as you get older this is a bad thing but in youth this is a bonus.) They might have also peaked younger and end up as unattractive adults but dating experience and attention from the opposite sex gave them some confidence in their interactions going forward.

A lot of times I’ve met an unattractive person who seemed really confident talking to them they turned out to be an early bloomer.

Personally I was a late bloomer. At 17 I looked like a giant 12 year old even though I exercised regularly. I looked OK/average in my 20s but had zero self confidence.

Don’t really agree, but dressing like a teenager doesn’t help if you are a dude.

Clothing is important and dressing nice is very important and can make you look older.

I’ve never looked physically young and I went through puberty faster than most.

I went through puberty somewhat fast and looked a bit older than the average 13-14 year old simply because I was taller than many adults. Like being as tall or even taller than the average 18 year old.

But since then, overall I appear to give off the impression that I am younger. For instance, some people at the local card/game store that attend my old Community College are surprised to learn I have done that (2 years College), 4 years of University, and almost another 2 years of University.

My age is usually estimated to be 20-23 from strangers/newcomers when I am 26, nearly 27. The guy who guessed 23 was working with me in a placement and 23 is about as young as someone would be realistically, since you would need a Bachelor’s Degree to be in that position in the first place.

Here’s another theory, though. Aside from avoiding alcohol and smoking, many Incels are (and have been) basement dwellers and avoid sunlight exposure. It is estimated that sunlight exposure by itself is responsible for as much as 80% of skin ageing.

So much for the theory that sunlight makes you healthy.

On the other hand, incels have more cortisol than normies, so pros and cons. Cortisol causes aging.

As a poorcel I shop at Goodwill because it’s all I can afford, Wal-Mart is considered extravagant for me.

I like to think I’m a late bloomer but it seems to early to tell quite yet.

The benefits of sunlight exposure are anything but linear.

My understanding is that the first few minutes of sunlight exposure, possibly up to 30 minutes spread throughout the day, is most beneficial. You get vitamin D and the usual sited health benefits.

The problem is that once you go beyond very minimal exposure, the potential damage it inflicts exceeds the benefit. It damages the skin (likely exponentially with exposure time/dose) and raises risk of skin cancer. And again it is very likely the single largest factor when it comes to how aged someone appears (hence why gamers seem to look younger). There was a case of a truck driver here:

I would argue that overall, it seems to be a lot better to have no sunlight exposure than too much of it.

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Based vampire, although I would argue that much of our modern environment and lifestyles are toxic where there’s no way to get rid of risks 100%.

The very food we eat is toxic full of artificial preservatives.

The Japanese are pretty based on this too, it would seem. They often walk outside in the sun with umbrellas/parasols.

For food, I probably have it better than average since I avoid fast food and soft drinks, though having them rarely. A lot of my food is organic (mom has always been obsessed with it), and a lot of my food and desserts are home made.

japan is based tbh (except for the artificial coloring shit they use in food)

organic food is healthy and based