Are mail order brides a meme?

Except as all the Californians are leaving the state of California it is Texas amongst other states they’re moving to like relocating cockroaches.

“I can find you a girl in like two hours.”

Hell yeah buddy what’s wrong with pimp attitude

I have a question for y’all what does the woman your looking for look like.

  • Body: Caucasian, short, skinny
  • Face: Nothing mandatory as long as it’s pretty in any reasonable definition of pretty
  • Personality: Submissive, depressive, emotionally dependent, jealous, very high sexual libido

Body: Caucasian (most likely), height isn’t relevant, weight isn’t relevant (except for extremes of anorexia and obesity).

Face: Like, a 4/10 or higher. AKA at-least-slightly-below-average-or-better.

Personality: What Maidana said, I guess.

You aren’t picky at all it seems.

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You guys aren’t taking this dude seriously, right?

I feed trolls when I’m bored.


I would have put more effort into my reply if I was.

Hence why I just copied the template of the person right above.

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Bro I’m no troll i just wanted to know how high your standards are and they seem pretty high and that’s probably why you have trouble getting women. Dude last night I had a girl 6-10 thick and she said she loves me before the night was out


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I’m so sorry for her.

Why are you even on this forum dude?

Lol!!! Best response


Lmao whose standards are too high?