Are mail order brides a meme?

Seriously, are mail order brides a meme?

Every guy I know of who has ordered a mail order bride has ended up divorced.

Doesn’t matter if they came from Japan, China, Philippines, India, Thailand, Ukraine, and even Romania, they all end up in divorce where the woman gets away afterwards with citizenship or a green-card.

I can only think of one man I knew that had a relationship survive intact and that was with a woman that came from China. They got married and had three children together.

Although every time I seen him he looked absolutely miserable like she was sucking the life out of him. She had a very domineering attitude and it seemed like she got off humiliating him in public every chance she could get. I wonder if there is any documented data on the number of mail order brides that are successful or not, I’m betting not more so than anything else.

You will hear these guys talk about how American women are bad [which they are] and how you just need to get a woman from a foreign land that treats men much better. In my experience all women around the world are practically the same. Sure, they speak a different language, look different, come from a different culture, and such but at the end of the day they’re all women with the same inherent behavioral patterns.

i hate women

(except my mom and like one other person)


So, you’re celibate by choice then? You intentionally want nothing to do with them?

I hate women also but desire them as well at the same time. Between the love and hatred it can be so utterly confusing.

They’re never satisfied or content with anything where they always want more of something where it seems there is no end and limit to their desires.

I think what I hate most about women is the power they have over men where they keep increasing to wanting even more. As if they don’t have enough power over men already enough!

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Their mistake was treating them like human beings and not like property which they. ■■■■■■ like that need to be chained to a bed in the basement and only let out on a leash when necessary.

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I would rather marry a girl from the states over a foreign girl. The culture difference is going to be way different and its more of a situation where shes desperate, and nothing good ever comes from desperation.

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Holy shit is this a parody website. Dude you can meet awesome girls if you want.

Awesome women? What’s that?


the 80s called, they want mail order brides back

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They still exist you know.

On the contrary, clown world is a parody of a sensible world.

This here is what remains of the sensible world.

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:laughing:damn dude you guys need to get laid!

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You guys can find women if you wanted

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I could if I had money, bitches like money.

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Wants equal pay & equal representation

Requires money for you to have sex with them

Meme gender indeed.

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Dude if you guys came to texas I could find you a girl in like 2 hours

I seriously doubt that, I’ve been around enough so called pick up artists to know they’re entirely full of shit.

The only thing in Texas is a bunch of mamacitas looking for a green card, afterwards you’re toast.

Idk, possibly. At least you didn’t name some Libtard place like California.

Location-wise Texas is probably more than a tier better than shitty Canadian cities simply because it is has a higher proportion of anti-Liberals.

It seems ironic but the most “progressive” and “gender equal” locations are the absolute fucking worst for incels. What a useless fucking ideology.

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Couldn’t agree more.

Are you a pimp?