Anyone else here have ADHD?

anybody else here have problems watching videos for more than 5 seconds?

I play overwatch but it makes me lethargic.

Anyone else feel this way about things and just feeling as though they are tired all the time?

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I did when I was younger but I got it under control now without medication.

I don’t believe in psychiatric medications as I believe it is a total scam.

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what was it like when you were younger? And what helped fix the adhd?

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Hobbies and by keeping myself constantly busy doing something.

For me this translates into reading books and such. As long as my mind is active preoccupied doing something I’m good to go.

hmm that seems a bit circular. You see i have adhd so much i cannot focus on hobbies, reading movies etc because of my adhd.

Though all of this in the past now. I no longer have adhd at the present minute. I just ran into a person i hate (i dont go outside, i mean through social media) and all of a sudden the lethargy dissappears. I am now fueled by hate and the hate gives me focus.

Not saying im going to pull an evie, i obey all laws. Just saying that hate gives me focus and i dont mind being evie in my fantasy land and that she is a relatable meme tbh. dont ban muh constitution i obey i obey

its not illegal to think (yet) also right now this all in my head right now at the present moment

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yes, the inattentive kind

I have hypofrontality from years of being a coomer. But prob had ADHD before that as I could never sit down and do my homework got distracted super easily.

Its genetic combined with the shit-tier society we live in, artificial foods and stuff and the news.

yea I was raised on hormone laden, estrogen filled GMO meat and dairy, pastas, fast food and soda.

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Not at all ADHD. I’d argue ASD is the opposite, even if they get conflated. ASD is hyperfocus on something to the exclusion of other things, whereas ADHD is inability to focus on anything.

In a fast paced environment involving short-term memory and multitasking, both will look similar as both will struggle.

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no. when im gaming im very focused

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