Anyone else feel this way?

Anyone else feel constantly tired and not motivated to do anything? I feel constantly tired and low of energy. I think it is hibernation, like this world is so boring and pointless I just want to sleep and go into hibernation like a cryostasis chamber for 10 years, then wake up into a utopia where everyone is beautiful and sex-havers.

I used to think this was some kind of illness, but I realize it can’t be considered an illness because as soon as I lay down, I feel perfectly fine. But ill people still feel bad even when they lay down.


Me, I’m a giant procrastinator where I’m notorious for putting everything off at the last minute.

I just don’t feel motivated to do anything, like life has been sucked out of me where I’m a living empty shell or husk of a man.

Everyday I feel nothing but lethargy.

I’m going to draw a hot bath now to wash away my sorrows and let my I-Pad charge.

Just fuck my life man…

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same lol. Feels like we are souls born into this world but not part of the world.

Logically it seems like there is no reason to stay awake. Being awake there is a probability of pain and effort. But being asleep means there is only probability of joy and tranquility.

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Reading these posts is like reading my own thoughts.


Yeah me too. But mine is mostly that I’m burnt out now. I take on too much stuff I have school, work and home stuff but I take on extra with everything. I do extra courses, extra assignments, at work I’ll take on another patient, I’ll proctor a student, I’ll be a team lead/charge, a doctor wants me to write something I’ll ducking write it :confused: they want me to do their discharge I’ll discharge the patient for them which means staying later and working through breaks. A patient wants something I drop everything and get it for them even if it’s getting food from across the city I’ll spend my break going to get it.

I’ve never really used my vacation I usually just take a week off a year, and work holidays. Now when I take time off I don’t feel refreshed. The opposite actually because when I go back I’m scared of my desk with everyone leaving everything for me to finish. No joke everyone left the fridge for me to clean out at work. It’s not even my job to clean the fridge it has nothing to do with me.

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I’ve had that lethargic feeling creep up on me over the past few years.

First it started very minor around, I would say, age 20, when finishing Community College and starting University. It got much worse after 23.

There’s ups and downs with energy level depending on motivating factors. Since I am so close to being free from confinement to any more degree programs (only a few months), and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I feel slightly less lethargic. But still lethargic, since it’s not like much is going to change aside from that.

Common source of lethargy for most here is that no matter how good of a day you have, there’s still that same problem you can’t solve.

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Yeah. It doesn’t really get better because after school is work and that’s draining too. Depends what you do but I’m emotionally drained everyday. I recommend taking a good month off after finishing school and relax a bit before working. Call it self care!