Anyone else feel this way sometimes about the world?

Sometimes when I am being victimized by my own adhd, i am, what you call a “scroller”.

I scroll through humanities inanities and at the end of the day, I think about an asteroid destroying and consuming all of the human race and planet and destroying the world.

Of course in this fantasy I am consumed as well but this does not unsettle me. Instead I keep laughing at the thought of this happening and I will laugh to myself for many minutes. Some people in the room will ask me why I am laughing, but i simply cannot tell them why. Anyone else find themselves feeling adhd and feeling this fantasy as well?

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I laugh constantly and usually when people find out what I’m laughing at they call me a psychotic doomer. People just can’t handle reality, everybody prefers the dream and fantasy world, but not me.

I thrive in reality and the surreal even when others want to shun away from it in horror or disgust. As for me I just marvel in it taking the horrors of life and then just bathing myself into it as I’ve become immune to its shocking visions.

I like that which a majority of people find repulsive, I find solace in the repulsive.

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