Anybody not want children?

Like I’m 32 and most women my age have at least one child. I could never date a single mother because I dont want children of my own let alone be a stepdad.

Dating a single parent is like playing somebody’s saved game.

So my only option is find somebody who’s like 18-20 or stay single forever

Forever alone cos of society

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Non of this struggle would be necessary if we had Sharia.
State mandated Fatima for everyone.

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I want children but most women eat the pill like it is candy.

Why would I want to spread my shit genes?
It would be cruel to make another @Tea_Cup.

I do. I’d say my genes aren’t too bad.

Rather than looks etc. Fucking me up with women, it was location, mentalcellness, lack of good guidance/knowledge etc. That fucked me up. So if I had kids actually it would be pretty good.

But chances of that happening now are slim to none.