Any women on this forum?

Need a gf thx

Love is a woman and she’s looking for a bf. But she’s volcel, not incel. She wants Mr Perfect.

Sayori was a female user of this forum but she got banned, unfortunately.

There were others, too… But I think Love is the only one currently active.


Someone named jyvur keeps logging in, think they might be female

Not sure

Ah true, I didn’t recall this user. Yes, I think jyvur is a woman.

She is but she’s married I think.

Why would a married woman torture incels with attention? If she knows they know they can’t date her.

tbf they haven’t posted in like a month

I don’t think it’s a problem, this isn’t a dating site after all. And she had dating problems iirc.

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@jyvur why you torture incels

Don’t have a huge problem with her besides her being married tbh

I don’t think she’s misleading anyone. She’s been pretty open with being married. As @maidana said this isn’t a dating app so anyone in a relationship or even married can join in support of incels. You don’t have to be incel to have empathy or try to understand it.

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I don’t mean to torture anyone. That’s actually why I tend to stay pretty quiet on this site. I don’t want to annoy or upset anybody. I mostly hang around bc I’m an indie author and I am writing a web serial with an Incel main character. I want other ppl to understand what incels go through and have empathy. I want women to think about how they interact with men.

But I also know that as a woman I have the potential to do harm interacting with this community. If the consensus is that I’m bothering you guys, I will go away.

I am open about being married so that I don’t mislead anybody. I’m also ugly and old lol ain’t nobody missing out on this. My guy struggled romantically and that’s why he is very supportive of me writing this book and talking to incels. He never had a girlfriend before me at age 24. He’s on the autism spectrum. He helps out a lot with the book.

Tbh a novel showing the Incel experience would definitely be better if an Incel actually wrote it. I’m going to keep trying to make it the absolute best I can, but some of you guys should think about writing your stories. I think they matter.

Anyhow I will show myself the door if I am bothering the folks here.

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Thank you Love <3

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wow relax. I can’t speak for the whole community but you don’t bother me at all. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Well I just don’t want to bother people. Sorry

causing drama

why do people let married women onto incel sites lol

Does your husband find it worrying you spend so much time around thirsty dudes? Are you monogamous?

What’s the novel again? Someone mentioned it a long time ago.

It’s like someone with food walking around starving african children taking photos and saying they’re trying not to be a bother.

The only women we usually let on here are femcels or mods.