Literally every morning I wake up feeling hatred and ptsd.

I have given a name to my pain, and they are the anti-socials.

Back in the 90’s it was considered “cool” to be an anti-social, like someone who isn’t a normie. But now, being anti-social is a normie thing.

Female brain is to emotionally ruminate and all I do is emotionally ruminate on all the girls who treated me like trash in my life. All the girls who ghosted me without even explaining what it is they didn’t like about me. They are not good people. If they were good they would explain why they don’t like me instead of ghosting. Ghosting is cruel and leads to self-loathing. I endlessly ruminate on all of the possibilities I could have done wrong. I get no closure or explanation of how to improve myself.

Sadly its not even just women anymore. Now I have male friends who act like little bitches and ignoring my messages. They won’t say why just acting like pathetic little bitches and uncommunicative. Society is being overran by these anti-socials making human life feel like some kind of purgatory. I’ve been ghosted by male friends without even so much as an explanation why. Now every morning I wake up feeling misery because of them.

If we lived in a perfect world where I was allowed to do whatever I wanted I’d break every one of their goddan fingers. Then I’d punch them in the face 2 times as hard as I could. Then I’d break their goddan wrist. But I won’t do that cause I obey the laws of the land and am a law abiding citizen. There should be a serum that is forcibly forced into their veins to turn them into a good and conscientious people.

Some say I’m toxic for wanting to break their fingers.

So if you could do anything inserting your penis into them isn’t on the list?

Only if they were the last women on earth and have no other option. I wouldn’t want to spread their dna.

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there’s no need to spread their dna, a coat hanger and hoover should take of that shit.

I hate people who ghost too.

But I’m not sure how breaking their fingers would help. That would just be giving them a reason why they can’t text lol

Hoover? Someone’s a Brit.


How old are you, buddy?

Lets just say im older than 25, younger than 50…

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27 in less than 3 weeks here…


93 gang rise up


Motherfuckin’ 1993… a time towards the end of an era that wasn’t complete shit.


The world turned to shit in 2001 and it has been downhill circling the drain ever since.

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At least before 2001, people could suspend their disbelief at the emerging clown world, and pretend that everything is fine. Everyone was high on bluepills.

Now… now it’s just… what is even.

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I ghosted a lot of people. I do all the time

Ghosting without a reason is rude.

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Maybe you have a reason. But what’s the point of ghosting if you have to explain it?

Ghosting shouldn’t be allowed.

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I don’t think you should explain – that’s why there must be a reason. When you ghost someone you don’t tell why you’re doing it, you just do it. If there’s no reason the other person will be clueless forever and even think you died. Not a nice thing.

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When people vanish without a reason I always presume they committed suicide.