Another wasted day

if you aren’t happy what’s the point of being alive? all the money spent to exist on one day and you didn’t even enjoy the day.

its like workers. Someone has a miserable factory job so they work one more day so they can be alive so they can work and be miserable the next day. being incel worker is like a multiplication of this. Cucced copes seems like the only c0pe, you can have cucced copes such as being an anime nerd in order to feel there is a purpose.

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to care for others

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if you’re working to live, it’s time to make changes yes

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COVID cases are already said to be rising rapidly in Canada. At this rate they’ll just shut things down again.

Trying to find work online as a teacher or tutor at the moment, especially since it is immune to the effects of COVID hysteria. Now having a tutoring business going on, that would be cool.

If anyone knows anything about online teaching/tutoring, let me know. I applied to Skooli which is $25/USD hour, but they’re taking awhile to verify me.

Only 1% of the population has been infected so far, so things can potentially get much worse.

1% according to what, official stats?

Most people get it and have cold symptoms or no symptoms at all, and nobody finds out.

One of thunderf00ts covid videos, he has a lot and im not sure which one it was.