Analysis of attraction mechanisms in terms of sexed brain functionality

I noticed i have become more and more bisexual, developing intense feelings of lust for the erect male form. But also having lust for the smooth, feminine curves and breasts of females. However, there is one caveat to all this: I cannot get over how most males look, facially speaking, the majority of men I see in porn vaguely resemble some type of ancient ogres.

This is has led me to create one of the most important topics in terms of the sexuality of humanity: Analysis of attraction mechanisms in terms of sexed brain functionality.

From an evolutionary perspective, the male sexuality makes sense, attraction to women with retained features of neoteny (the opposite would be mutative/adaptive features, such as ogres.) It is interesting to note that most fetuses start off the same in the womb, regardless if giraffe or zebra, ape or troglyodyte, the fetus remains the same. Therefore, not much mental strides are needed for a male to identify and recognize the safety of retained neoteny in females after puberty.

And this is the part that explains incel and why female sexuality is more complicated than males. Firstly, many straight-identified females are strangely averse to cock, so much so that many lesbians want cock more than these women. I am not sure why that is. However, for the purposes of ease of clarity, we can omit those particular kinds of females from this discussion temporarily, for the time being. Also, 50% of females seem unable to orgasm according to statistics and studies. This leads me to believe that female sexuality is much more complicated to explain than males. I believe that females are attracted to the male form, but averse to male facial features. The reason for this is that the brain did not have enough time to adapt to species adaptations. As I said earlier all fetuses look the same, this is the true and original state of the lifeform. As the organism grows into adulthood the neoteny is either maintained or mutates into something else. The reptilian brain remains fairly static and would not have reflected an update to this new change. Firstly, the reptilian brain, being the prime component of the mind, is the core of human essence, and is the core of the ego. In day to day interactions, humans are largely ego dependent and the id is suppressed while the higher mind superego is usually delayed or repressed. So most of the rejections would be during an ego exchange, most likely with a female in ego mode. The superego and more advanced brain would not play a major role or cause of incel rejections, in fact the superego may actually lead to a reduced amount of incel rejections. Furthermore, I posit that in ancient times most human males did not live longer past age 20 due to all the warfare and lack of hygiene back then. Therefore females would have only expected sex from teenage males who usually retained a neoteny, whilst adult males would feel alien to them as if a novelty item. Therefore adult male incels are viewed as a novelty item by females, and are not viewed sexually but rather judged in accordance with financial and social achievement.