Alot of doomer type incels got what they wanted with this virus thing?

Normies got hit hard, they can’t go out and socialize like normal, no more parties on weekends, Chad can no longer go out and hook up with Stacy. Effectively many, many more ppl are living like an incel usually does.

A great victory for certain brand of incels?

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I don’t want my loved ones to die, I don’t know about anyone else

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my state is technically under quarantine but no one is enforcing it

It’s a very difficult situation. My floor currently has a covid outbreak. I’ve never had so much anxiety before as a health care provider. My patients are sick. It’s not like in medical where you only have a patient for a day. In psych you have patients long term. You really get to know them. I’ve been looking after them for months, some years. We didn’t have PPE until the outbreak so I have to isolate, because I’ve been exposed. My grandpa has terminal cancer and I can’t go visit him right now. I’m worried about my patients, I’m worried about my co workers who just started testing positive yesterday. A co worker who’s wife just had a new born baby a few months ago. I’m worried about it spreading to other floors near mine or other patients on our unit. Some other patients have a lot of other medical stuff going on. I don’t care about parties. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s a nightmare for those in health care right now.

I see normies posting on social media about their boredom and depression and loneliness. That’s so amusing!



I don’t have a grandpa, I used to though. Maybe you could call him on the phone?

I was living indoors all alone long before I was incel, even when I was child I was often alone, being indoors and by myself.

Yeah I call my nan everyday but my grandpa is too unwell to talk. It’s the final weeks.

Most of my relatives died with no warning. It has contributed a lot to my depression.

In some ways I prefer that. The past few months have just been watching him suffer and me not being able to do much for him other than try to keep him comfortable with pain management

Yes, the fact people make this big of a deal out of social isolation and that females are freaking out because they can’t go out and have male validation handed to them on a silver platter is very amusing to me.

Makes you wonder if it will affect the perception of Incels at all. They are normies, after all, so I don’t expect much regardless.

Yes corona helped me a lot. Gave me all I wanted in life